The US Has Warned Ukraine! ”The Turning Point of the Warfare is Being Entered”


The U.S warns Ukraine ascensions Rising UkraineRussia war that the world is watching in horror senior U.S officials including DeputyNational Security adviser John feiner deputy secretary of state Wendy Sherman andunder Secretary of Defense Colin Cowell are said to have underlined to give thevital importance of the coming months in addition CIA director William Burns visitedUkraine a week before these officials he informed Ukrainian President Vladimir zielinski on Russia'smilitary preparations for the next several months emphasizing the importance of the situation theBiden Administration is presently negotiating with Congress to authorize another 10 billiondollars in direct budgetary help to care and it is anticipated to unveil another big militaryaid package and put fresh sanctions on the Kremlin.

Around the same time next week on the one yearanniversary of the full-fledged conflict the West is also attempting to send a message toRussian ruler Vladimir Putin that support for Ukraine is not dwindling however other analystsbelieve that neither Russia nor Ukraine will acquire a significant military Edge in thenear future Biden and his closest advisors have stated their determination to continueand expand their resistance for Ukraine they caution however that if Ukraine exhausts thecurrent Congressional Aid package which may happen as early as the summer the policy routemight become more difficult to reach all the actual meals past and reliable worldwideplease don't forget to follow and like us

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