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There is increasing fear that the U.S may not haveenough military equipment to protect itself and its allies if necessary as the conflict entersits second year in the U.S continues to provide rocket guns and ammo the production line at theLockheed Martin plant in Arkansas is preparing to produce one new rocket every 10 minutes as partof the 30 billion dollars in weapons the United States has committed to Ukraine but this amountrepresents just a small portion of the pentagon's total Arsenal a recent war game revealed that theUnited States would run out of a key weapon while attempting to stop a Chinese invasion of Taiwanstaggering 858 billion dollars which is almost as much as our largest military budget since WorldWar II the only other time the United States spent more on defense was at the height of theconflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan according to.

Lauren Thompson of the Lexington Institute roughlya third of that money is spent on Weaponry which is more than the combined GDP of the majority ofEuropean nations but the penteca struggles to keep Ukraine supplied with ammo for a few crucialthings the stockpile is running low does this indicate that the danger of further War plans isnow very high according to retired Marine Colonel Mark cancerian of the center for strategic andInternational Studies Ukraine uses about as many artillery shells in a month as we produce in ayear if the United States can't Supply Ukraine and its conflict with a deteriorating Russianmilitary what would happen to American forces in a war against the number one threat Chinacancerian asks recently kensation directed a war game in which the United States attemptedto Halt the Chinese invasion of Taiwan did the.

United States and these War Games actually runout of these long-range anti-ship missiles yes the United States did run out of these missiles inthe early days of the war despite this the United States won the war game by halting the ChineseInvasion but suffered losses of thousands of ships hundreds of aircraft and thousands of soldiersthis channel will show you events as news politics economics entertainment Hollywood news WorldNews sports news live news Bank credit loans educational education insurance today 360 newsfloods storms earthquakes and sometimes beautiful events if you love the video please hit a likebutton and don't forget to subscribe the channel

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