The renewed push for Congress to behave on immigration reform


As loud as they are about this issue Republicans have not actually rolled up their sleeves and gotten serious about providing the resources either to agencies like border patrol or to communities like New York and El Paso and others a lot of cities in Texas even uh and some in Florida that are doing what they can to fill that Gap and to be.

Humane and compassionate well and in that vacuum you have the Biden Administration sort of rolling out some of the changes that they're proposing that they want to see and I'm sure like you know we both spoke to a lot of Advocates who are doing the hard work on this issue and I think the the most striking thing I heard was this idea.

That yes there are changes that you can sell as temporary changes to Asylum part of the long-term challenge with that becomes the first the predication that Biden wins a second term or you have a Democratic president and all of a sudden you're able to actually reform the system what happens if instead you got a Republican president who.

Already has a system an asylum system that has been hobbled and may choose instead to do away with Asylum as we know it yeah I mean my fear is that Stephen Miller and Donald Trump basically reset our Asylum and immigration system and the expectations that the general public and a lot of public officials have about.

How this is all go ing to work uh even Democrats some Democrats that have been pushing for title 42 to stay in place even though that was a completely unprecedented step an unnecessary step when it was taken policies like remain in Mexico and uh and the cruelty that we've seen from DeSantis and Abbott and others they the danger is that they have.

Set a new Norm that if there's a republican Administration it's going to get even more cruel even more Humane and they're going to be even less acai lease here in the United States and even if there's a Democratic president that's next they're going to be dealing with a public that has been conditioned more.

And more now to expect things like title 42 and remain in Mexico and other policies that would have been Unthinkable just a few years ago and that are fundamentally ineffective to actually solve the problem in front of us right both ineffective immoral and untrue to who we are at the core of this country I I don't have much time left.

Secretary but I think sort of this all comes back to the fact that really to fix any of this would require congressional action require Federal action and it just seems to me that given this house there is absolutely no appetite for that there uh I agree it doesn't seem like anything is going to get done substantively on.

Immigration uh it's now been a decade almost since it looked like we could get something passed maybe in the next few years you're going to get some piecemeal legislation like uh DACA or the codification of DACA or something similar but comprehensive immigration reform or touching these issues that are are very controversial that's just not.

Going to happen thank you thank you

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3 thoughts on “The renewed push for Congress to behave on immigration reform

  1. Because of the Biden's insist of no activity, now we’re saddled with this exponentially mountainous FIASCO ! Biden LIED about fixing our broken immigration machine! He's done nothing and if fact be told made it somewhat worse by ignoring it…. Other countries and net strict guidelines and exact limits for folk immigrating from varied countries. Other countries interrogate it’s most likely you’ll possibly possibly also net got a SPONSOR too! WHY NOT USA? Biden has created a disaster that goes to haunt us for a extraordinarily prolonged time! Us taxpayers resent them getting all the pieces for NOTHING, whereas we STRUGGLE & work so laborious and would possibly possibly possibly possibly no longer get any FREEBIES because we don't qualify !! Biden lift out no longer misfortune running again.

  2. Consistently blame Republicans and Trump. You Dems know you created this mess for a reason. Correct scream u.s. what the story is for. Correct be suited for a substitute! Lower the b.s.

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