‘The Five’: Biden will no longer shoot down China’s massive witness balloon


China caught red-handed lying about its giant spy balloon hovering over America it was last spotted this morning in northeast Kansas and that's after it was seen loitering in Montana which is home to our nuclear silos and intercontinental ballistic missiles Beijing claims it is a civilian aircraft used for meteorological research that.

Got knocked off course by bad weather but the Pentagon says that's a bunch of BS we know this is a Chinese balloon and that it has the ability to maneuver the balloon has changed its course which is again why we're monitoring it the balloon continues to move Eastward and is currently over the center of the.

Continental United States again we currently assess that the balloon does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground at this time and we'll continue to review excuse me continue to Monitor and review options we assess that it'll probably be over the United States for a few few days.

So why the hell hasn't Joe Biden shot this thing down yet defense officials have advised the president not to take it out fearing it could cause cause debris to fall and put People In Harm's Way any potential debris field would be significant and potentially cause civilian injuries or deaths or.

Significant property damage so again this is part of the calculus in terms of our overall assessment but again we'll continue to monitor it we'll continue to review our options and keep you updated as able but Republicans say Biden looks weak with each second he keeps his communist balloon in the air communists.

We ought to bring this darn thing down we have the capabilities and tools to do that I'm confident that we we could have done so safely I think we probably still can do so safely they could have shot that balloon down and the biggest risk might have been hitting a cow a prairie dog or an antelope this is a Brazen act and so at the political level we have to.

Push back we have to defend American sovereignty and we have to make clear to the Chinese that we're not going to tolerate this they're overflying our nuclear sites and they keep getting away with it because we let them there's no consequences there's lots of questions but the commander-in-chief is awfully quiet.

folks we're going to get to work thank you for coming thank you well that last question what is your message to China I guess uh Harold is that uh we're going to stop Anthony.

Blinken from going over there but the but the real question is do we know how long that balloon has been here and what I mean the way I see it it looks like somebody read someone was on a commercial plane and noticed it first but now we hear that it's been there since Tuesday uh and today's Friday why would they allow this thing to stay.

There I don't know the answer to that and uh there are more questions uh judge and I think you've raised some of them and we'll raise some of them around the table I think for me and again it's good to be back around the table a bit away for a few days the uh for me that I was curious and secretary Billington whom I respect and like and know said that when.

We detected the balloon we at that point uh prevented it from being able to take pictures and collect information I would have two questions one when did we detect it uh and two do we believe it actually was collecting information before it was the detected two I think the president it would behoove the president to to brief Congressional.

Leaders Democrat Republican alike and it would behooves someone uh perhaps a secretary of defense or the Secretary of State or both or even the president to give a briefing about this to give to give some comfort and confidence that uh what we can all assume and give the benefit the doubt that it's being handled but I think it's important they.

Do that the notion of it being shot down I think is something that will only that that talk will only increase if we don't get some some information as the American people those of us in the Press those who are concerned about this about why they're not doing that I thought the Brigadier General was fine but we need we need something more comprehensive I.

Think to to give people a sense because at the heart of this if we don't send a strong message to China uh and in a relationship where mutual interest are the centerpiece of a relationship with behavior like this you violate that relationship uh and I think Democrats Republicans put that aside Americans uh want to know what this.

Balloon is doing how long it's been there and if it cause or has caused any harm to our national security these are all legitimate questions those are the questions so I'll go to you Martha my sources tell me that this balloon they can they can essentially uh assess the trajectory they can study the currents there's a way to take it down it doesn't.

Have to be shot down they can take it down as long as it's over an area where you know there's not going to be like Los Angeles or New York City major catastrophe they haven't done that how are we so sure of what this balloon is doing especially since it is over seeing areas that are where our nuclear sites are well it's been across a couple of.

Areas that it should have been pretty easy to do that over Alaska apparently currently for quite a while then over Montana and you saw I had a conversation earlier with Senator Steve daines he said you know that's why we call this Big Sky country right we have plenty of open space in Montana you know when the people who live in the state want it to.

Be shot down over their state um I think that's something that we need to think about I also think that what would have you know for a lot of people who feel very uncomfortable about this the greatest thing you could have heard from the president would be an early morning announcement you know last night at uh or early this morning at 4 20 we.

Disabled this Invader Chinese spy balloon because this Pentagon from their own lips said this is a surveillance vehicle a surveillance balloon and we took it down we took it down safely we have the technology to do exactly that we're examining it we're taking a look at what's on here and if it's innocuous we can return it and the equipment to.

The Chinese government and make sure that this never happens again because if it it ever does we will be doing the same thing again because what we heard also this afternoon from I was watching generals to read us and he said expect more of these expect more balloons to cross over the country gathering information about our silos that keep.

Our intercontinental ballistic missiles so I mean it's a you know the message I think that a lot of Americans are going to take right now is that you know the southern border is open right and the skies above America are open so I'm not quite sure where people feel like uh we have real sovereignty in this country at this moment based on just the facts on.

The ground you know Jesse I mean that they are over areas where uh you know that are very significant they've got a front row view to those areas China is buying land in some of these areas not far from these areas China's and the universities um you know China is not cooperating with us about Wuhan and we're just.

Letting them fly a balloon over our nation I mean is this a literal trial blue to see what we would do if something real happened pop it pop it Bust It Up do whatever you need to do to it imagine you had a neighbor you hated who tried to sleep with your wife stole all your Amazon boxes and killed your grandmother with a virus and then.

Floated a little drone over your backyard you're just gonna sit there and watch this thing and say you know what it's just a weather balloon we're monitoring it no you're gonna shoot that thing out of the sky why not shoot it over Montana right it hits a barn let's say it hits Fred's Barn.

Fred's famous in Montana there's two people that live in Montana that is your bomb Barn that it lands on the feds reimburse you the money and then you set up a little museum for the rest of your life and live off that you do Good Morning America you do fox and friends that's it Canada is supposed to be an ally judge they're just going to watch.

What is he looking at the truckers keep your eyes open Trudeau you're supposed to be our boy you're just going to let the balloon float by Biden the commander-in-chief was overruled by the generals if you're the commander-in-chief and you say shoot down the balloon and they say Mr President go sit down and have a snack.

That's not normal you shoot that down I don't care what the generals say knock it out also once you knock it out you can collect all the Intel we don't know what it is Judge how do we know it's not pushing spores how about coven 22 23 whatever year it is we have no idea what this thing is bring it down before it gets to New Jersey because I'm about to.

Lick one off well you know you know Greg in 2001 there was a problem between the United States and China we had a a a a flight that was they said in their airspace we said it wasn't we're forced to land uh and they took that plane and they studied that plane for the intelligence they kept our people there for 11 days.

And the turnabout on our side is like hey no problem they're collecting stuff on on the weather I think the bright side in all of this is at least we know the balloon was made in China because it could be really really worse I heard Joe Biden just announced that we will be shooting it but in the leg uh has anybody considered steering it.

Towards the Space Needle seems to me that's the thing I would do rather than shoot it you know and and it could also be Fang Fang you never know Valentine's Day is coming up this was going to be a little surprise but you know here's the thing a little surprise for swallow well anyway uh how dare we question or.

Speculate on the origins of this Chinese balloon how dare we if we can't bring up the origins of kobit because that was considered racist how is that not racist the origin of the balloon you know why should you be allowed to do that why is it any different and about what about that point that the Chinese keep saying about everything everything's unintended.

This was unintended uh the fentanyl poisonings unintended obviously covid unintended uh the Spy balloon unintended I'm beginning to think they're not intending they're not tending to a lot of things everything's an accident between their badly made Goods covered fence and all new spy balloons beginning to think maybe LeBron James should.

Question their brown nosing allegiances let's send them our own bad stuff what is mom jeans coconut water boy bands that's good lastly in a serious note how is it that the bidens treat a spy balloon from our most potent adversary far better than the Trump supporters you know too bad they weren't this gun shy.

With Ashley Babbitt they might shoot a balloon down if they find a red hat in it oh well said well said man I'm not sure this would have happened under a different president hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it.

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  1. Did the balloon secure “Made in China” stamped on it? Did it secure a wide sticker on it with “Slight one on Board,” to achieve the protection power jumpy to engage motion against it? Any NBC weapon would possibly per chance per chance per chance were on board. Per chance, the Montana nuke immoral ordered Chinese takeout?

  2. God bless China retain them coming. On fable of United snakes of The US.secure Been spying on Murky folks since we were on the slave ships.. Factual work China give them a taste of their have drugs

  3. Joe Biden turned into once suggested by the Chinese govt now not to shoot down the balloon because Joe wants his 10 p.c and Hunter wants his drugs.Joe Biden is a ragged man and wishes to be impeached moreover to Kackler Kamala Harris. This administration is the worst ever.

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