‘The 5’: The note ‘aloha’ is now even handed ‘culturally gentle’


Desperate to broaden its appeal from its traditional white guy base the National Hockey League has been forced to backtrack over an added posted For an upcoming Florida job fair after Governor Ron desantis's office slammed the ad as discriminatory in the now deleted Help Wanted post the organizers required participants in the fair to be either.

Female a minority lgbtqia plus a person with disability or a veteran that's it straight white men who didn't serve in the military need not apply desantis's team blasting the job fair event quote NHL you are officially on notice about your planned events in Florida unlawful discrimination will not be tolerated it.

Kind of reminds the judge of the Irish need not applied days in the 19th century yeah isn't it interesting how with the woke we keep going backwards yeah you know that it's that is a backward trajectory that the woke want to bring us to which I think is the takedown of this country tree you know get rid of everything get rid of the.

Statues get rid of the you know the the concepts the fundamentals like Law and Order and uh you know all white men you're worthless and you're a supremacist but the thing about this is that uh one of the things I wanted to address is the word Aloha they said that in that word Aloha that we shouldn't use it because we don't really know the.

Meaning of the word Aloha which I always thought was hello and they're saying no it signals more and you are appropriating if you use that word I mean how crazy is this it's like hello and love and all the good stuff all in one word but they don't want you to use it yeah they don't want you to use it now I used to swear in newly naturalized.

Citizens like 300 people at a time and it was the happiest day of their lives and there would be Indians and there would be Spanish and French and Egyptians and I would say hello in like 10 different languages as part of including everyone right not trying to exclude him it's crazy well I don't know I'm a Whitey I don't.

Know I think they should open this up to include the hockey actual players oh the hockey players yeah I mean it's like it's like why are they just limited office jobs and executive operations I think that all those people that you mentioned should be eligible to play hockey and if you don't do that you're you're a bunch of racists my daughter.

Told me the other day Joey that uh that you can no longer talking real estate you can no longer say master bedroom right yeah yeah did you hear that before yes I never heard it before I've never owned a house big enough to have one that said that says a lot that's do you ever work in a field can't say that you can't say it anymore Fields but real.

Quick all this Hey listen their response to this was oh wanted to Target audiences that may not be that familiar with hockey let me tell you there are a lot of straight white dudes down in the South that don't know anything about hockey and while we appreciate the idea of seeing some Canadians and Russians fighting American cities every now and.

Then we don't know much about the sport but you'd be surprised at the redneck Ingenuity we could bring to the table if you weren't excluding us for being straight white male and you know not knowing much about your sport and on this USA Today thing about words right I'm all about it listen I better not hear y'all say y'all again if you're not.

From below the Mason-Dixon or west of Louisiana Texans hear me out uh don't say y'all again because that's our culture that's who we are to us Jeff Foxworthy is a is a poet not some not some stand-up comic Sideshow like you treat him you better get my words out your mouth okay you hear me all right come on okay Will Smith uh you know Dana.

It's clumsy but doesn't hockey have to broaden its appeal well I don't know what the NHL press office was doing but did they make it's the whole Disney Florida Rhonda Santos debacle I mean DeSantis wins and he has made a promise and he's making good on the promise he said Florida is where wokeness goes to die and he's making good on that this.

Also reminds me of that group I've mentioned before it's called Do no harm it is where this making sure that medical professionals are not basically having this happen to them they get anonymous tips from people in the profession saying well this job application just or job opening just went up and it says that basically no.

Asians need apply that's not allowed so Do no harm we'll call them call the state call as their lawyers and say you have to take it down and they often will win but they'll go to court for it and that's what you need people like that or people like DeSantis and others who are saying enough of this here's the surprising thing about that I guarantee.

You when those people are contacted whether it's the NHL or not or any other organization are surprised to hear that it's illegal they're like wait you can't say let's go say Canadian say you want black people you can't say you want handicapped people is trying to be fair they are probably they have no idea it's discrimination.

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