‘The 5’ ridicules AOC’s ‘wine night’ gas range rant


The gas stove band debate is boiling over AOC is mocking Republicans who are concerned with a possible ban despite having won herself I do think it's funny that like absolute utter Republican meltdown where they're like you can take my gas stove or my cold dead hands or how dare you talk about gas stoves you have a gas stove.

First of all first of all I rent periods second of all though it doesn't even matter because by that logic these are the same people who would have said we should have never gotten rid of leaded gasoline just because someone may have driven a gasoline car no secret government agency is gonna bust down your door and take.

Your gas stove away you know a very interesting animation I see in her Tyrus don't you yeah yeah I think uh yes there's that Golden Rule that and if anyone's ever heard this I'll say it again at home never film yourself with a good idea when you've been drinking yeah that looks like Wednesday night wine night.

But terribly wrong and and to say and to say she's mocking that's a strong World it has to be clever and funny yeah and and whenever you do and then they said and there was no punchliner joke and she made the weird voice and then you repeat yourself and first of all and first first of all that's the that's the wine burp in between.

Stop drinking shoot this Martha I mean I cook with gas you cook with gas yes I do okay everybody knows how to cook and wants to cook hooks with gas I don't know if I know how to cook but I do cook with gas okay but but the thing is I think that she uses a gas stove a lot because if she thinks it's linked to reduce.

Cognitive performance then she is proof positive of that well I would just say that I don't I don't agree with her that they're not coming for your gas stove because they came for our light bulbs yep they came for the shower head pressure oh yeah the toilet water pressure um so they've already taken all these.

Things so I I do believe that they are coming eventually for the gas stove as well if anyone has ever done a renovation or built the house you know that nothing turns out the way that it used to be it all is like lower power and this is all government regulated so there's no reason to think that they're not coming for the gas station you know.

The truth is Geraldo that the nanny State I mean it's getting to the point where you've like had enough off she has a perfect defense and that is she rents okay the gas stove was in the property when she rented okay let's forget about it are you worried about you yes send somebody with my car but it's fine I rented it yeah someone on.

CNN said it's like oh I haven't yet stove is like a car idling in your kitchen I mean I mean you could do a whole series of shows about the lack of science attached to climate change I I think that it is scandalous to me how I remember the New York Times very clearly it was uh purported climate.

Change uh alleged climate change possibly climate change then one day they decided editorially that there was climate change and it was absolute it was a it was an ideological political decision not assigned okay so I think it's I think that there's of course we're concerned of course I think the me.

I I think the world's a lot cleaner than it was when I was a kid I mean La the when I moved to LA in 63 you could not see across the freeway thank God for Gavin Newsom well Jesse Jesse let me get to you on this thing with the gas stoves if you're 33 you can't brag about renting and that's a shot at her fiancee that's.

A low-key shot at the fiance to say you better put me in a house soon also her opinion is saying this when the government comes in and says something is bad for you and takes it away from you that's progress what about Prohibition they came in and said alcohol is bad they took all the alcohol away that wasn't.

Progress AOC and of course we're paranoid they the government spies on us they lie to us they probably funded covid-19 and then they made us get a shot then left it in the garage and the stupid water pressure I mean my hair looks like a good shower water comes out really strong I need a little volume part of it is all you need is a vent you.

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