‘The 5’: A ‘big horde’ of migrants tried to storm our border


We'll just take a look at this exclusive fox video showing a massive horde of migrants trying to bum rush their way into the country at a port of entry in El Paso it led to an intense standoff that lasted hours as they clashed with authorities border agents and riot gear the Mexican military forced to fend off the large group The illegals were.

Apparently told some false information on social media that said that they could be led into the United States if they showed up at the bridge with their kids Joe Biden could see this Insanity for himself he's only 100 miles away in California but all we're getting is more nonsense from his press secretary try to decipher.

This what we are going to promise is that we're going to do this we're going to move forward with a with a uh with this kind of system this immigration system that has been gutted really truly gutted by the last Administration we're going to move forward and do it in a humane way we're going to do it in a safe way.

And we're going to do it in the way that moves us forward and so what we have been seeing what we've been dealing with again is trying to fix the damage that the last Administration do did so they're moving forward Dana yeah that's a lot there's a lot of words a lot of words there um one thing about that video uh is at that sign you know it.

Says Felice that means have a good trip or have a good time I have a good trip like they're not going on a vacation we need to fix that sign although Felice viaje that could actually be the Biden reelection campaign because they're about to go into this re-election with this record on immigration and they're.

Trying to blame the as Brian was pointing out they're trying to blame everything on the Trump Administration people can see things with their own eyes and going into an election with this record is pretty impossible to imagine for me first of all they ran on ending deportations and offering free health care to illegal migrants that's.

What that's what they did and then they attempted to freeze deportations they tried to end title 42 they stopped Mounted Police off a border patrol from riding their horses along the way they also started moving people around in the middle of the night and then they all tried to blame the Trump Administration which doesn't make.

Any sense it doesn't hold up and I I think also if you're the press secretary you actually don't have to do cable news on a Friday night like you really truly don't if you don't have anything to say you can take a pass and say I'll catch you on Monday not Brian kilmate he's on every show that's right right never said no but if someone.

Said explain and defend Joe Biden's immigration system sorry I'm busy I'm going clubbing but I would say this this is what he's up against uh Senator Menendez over the weekend came out and said it's time for Joe Biden to stop with this Crackdown he said these most of these people from Cuba Venezuela Nicaragua they're fleeing dictatorship.

He's going to be known as the asylum denier in Chief if he doesn't stop denying these people Asylum so people on his far left are as outraged as people on the middle right about what he's doing so it's not that he can't win he's not trying the other thing to keep in mind the New York Post said the cartels put out that false tweet information to.

Force that flood at the border I'm wondering that's related to the threats that were leveled from Republicans over the last few years so disinformation from the cartel which I think is the worst yeah that's the worst thing nothing's worse than disinformation Kennedy uh where is Nina jankowitz find him with Nino does this look like a.

Fair and Humane and orderly process yeah it actually I that this was video of spring break and I had assumed that someone put out a tweet that Taylor Swift was on the other side of the bridge and the Spring Breakers were so excited to go meet Taytay that they uh they just this is completely inhumane this is not a this is not a functional.

System this is cruel and they are allowing this to happen and you know it's like I was at the El Chapo trial I was sitting there in the courtroom I was there the day that his Lieutenant said yeah we had 250 million dollars in a suitcase that we gave to the president of Mexico anyone can be gotten to and I'm not saying that Senator Menendez has.

Been gotten to but he certainly is taking a much more hospitable approach to cartels he doesn't want to designate them as terrorist organization but this is a form of terrorism you know whether you like it or not because people on both sides of of this issue lose people who are taking their kids trying to flee wherever they are and the people in this.

Country who are competing for health care and jobs usually the president ignores images like this uh but these images wake the country up when you see this it's it's rude the way they're acting they're expecting something that they're not deserved of and when do you think the president's going to address the.

Border crisis the last time he said he had an app for this well sooner rather than later and I think I think they're trying I think you look at what's happened in the last few weeks at least from a posture standpoint on crime the president made clear that he was not in favor of what DC tried to do and eventually got pulled back but he put.

His foot down as well too he's decided to do some drilling up in Alaska on this energy piece which I think is an incredibly important National Security and National Economic Policy pivot that he needed to do this this moment here is is one crying out for some sort of massive posture pivot as well politics and elections bring about sometimes a.

Different person a different approach we can all be proud of people who come to our political side I know that my friend friend who's come on who's now here at the network Tulsi gabbard is now no longer Democrat and people applaud that there's some people that really applaud it I like her a lot I don't agree with her with everything but I think it's.

She's become the person she wants to be politically if President Biden believes that we ought to have a different posture at the border he should do it he believes we should have a different partial crime he believes would have we should have a different posture and energy it's going to take building a wall it's going to take reforming the.

Asylum process it's going to take sending more D agents there and it may even take a more creative military strategy as we think about how the cartels are treating American people when they cross the border will we do any of that well I don't think anybody thought we'd drilled in Alaska a week ago two weeks ago either the president.

Would approve that so I think I said it Friday Dana predicted it she's got a good night predictions are you predicting anything on that border they'll do something they have to I'm with Dana something's better than nothing I wanna Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I want you to click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube.

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