Tesla cuts Model S and Model X costs in the U.S


One of the things we weren't sure about was the price elasticity of demand for for Tesla so like as we lower the price how much does demand increase um and we found that even small changes in the price have a big effect on demand very big so that was a good thing to learn.

That's Elon Musk offering his take on price cuts at Tesla's investor day last week company now slashing prices for the S and the X in the United States for the second time this year this time between four and nine percent in the case of the X SUV the price has been lowered by about 10 grand to just under a hundred thousand dollars web Bush today says.

Given the lead they have in margins and given the way the last round of price Cuts acted maybe this is a position of strength starting from yeah I would say that's absolutely true among those who are definitely going to buy an EV and you know choosing among them it is refreshing that microeconomics the laws of econ economics apply also to test the.

Vehicles um but what it does show you that the big change from many many years of you know where Supply constrained demand is this bottomless pool it doesn't really matter but I also think that we make a lot more of Tesla list price changes than we pay attention to the way that other car makers just modulate their.

Incentive lives and the dealers are you know running specials so in other words the effective price is often you know fluid for a lot of different types of cars and yes you'd have to say that they do start from a position of strength um although again I you know you always have to come back to the fact that the markets already give them copious credit.

For dominating for a long time to come based on where the stock is and the market value

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