Terrible ice storm and arctic blast affects millions


The south is freezing over as the storm sweeps across the region leaving 36 million under winter alerts the system is set to bring more rounds of sleet and freezing rain more than a thousand flights were canceled due to the ice storm on Monday and so far today more than 1500 are already grounded power outages could span from Texas to.

Tennessee as ice accumulates and causes hazardous travel conditions and Arctic air is sweeping across the plains to the south and east this week bringing with a dangerous Sub-Zero temperatures in some areas a lot of you will need to know more about this let's turn to NBC meteorologist Angie lastman with them with the latest on map Angie good.

Morning good morning guys we've got a couple of rounds of this that we'll have to deal with we already saw some yesterday for parts of Texas and extending in other areas of the South but still this morning 36 million people are included in these winter alerts what you see in that bright purple including places like Little Rock and Memphis is.

An ice storm warning that's because we'll have again these multiple rounds that leave us with the accumulations that could be a little hazardous or for folks on the roads and out and about through the next couple of days there's a look at the radar you can see the rain working through on the warmer aspect of this storm as we move a little farther.

To the South there's the mix of the rain the sleet the freezing rain and of course the snow that we'll deal with up into places like the Tennessee Valley here's the ice accumulation that we're expecting over the next two days through tomorrow you can see the higher amounts are really focused more towards Texas but they do extend about a tenth of an.

Inch into places like Little Rock and again Memphis let's look at the big weather story of the day here's a closer look at your day ahead bitter cold for places in the High Plain in Sioux Falls ending up at just 12 degrees later today Kansas City hits 27. still cold in places like Texas barely getting out of the 20s and into the 30s.

For Dallas and we'll also deal with some rain some freezing rain and some snow for parts thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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