Supreme Court docket to weigh Biden’s student loan forgiveness blueprint


Tens of millions of Americans will be watching the Supreme Court closely today as well justices hearing arguments over President Biden's student debt relief plan it was launched in October it would forgive up to twenty thousand dollars in student loans for most borrowers and an estimated cost of 400 billion dollars well that move was immediately.

Challenged in federal court by Six States and two individuals NBC's senior legal correspondent Lord Jarrett joins us from the Supreme Court Laura good morning what's at stake here when we put the court actually decide whether or not the student loan forgiveness program is is uh legal in essence hey good morning Savannah the White.

House says this debt relief program is needed to help those who really need it the most who are financially struggling after the pandemic and the administration specifically points to a federal law that allows the Secretary of Education to make changes to the debt program in times of National Emergency the natural the natural emergency being.

Here of course covid-19 now as you mentioned the case was hit with legal challenges from the very beginning it was blocked in the lower federal courts that's why it's here at the high court today the two Challengers here debt borrowers who say that they should have been entitled to relief but didn't get it and also republican-led States who.

Say the president was acting without Congressional authorization here they accused the president of essentially using covet as a pretext to fulfill a campaign promise that he knows he couldn't get done through legislation Savannah so millions are in a holding pattern they've gotten those student loan forgiveness plans approved but it's.

In legal limbo so how does this play out potentially for them yeah some 26 million people actually applied for Relief under the program as you mentioned those people essentially in a holding pattern as the case plays out here most student loans still on pause because of that pandemic era relief that's not a part of that lawsuit.

It dates back to the Trump Administration it was extended many times if the high court agrees with the Biden Administration here and says that these Challengers don't even have the legal right to sue then the plan can go for it but if the high court agrees with the Challengers and says the Biden Administration was acting unlawfully.

Here it's going to have to go back to the drawing board Savannah a lot of folks will be watching this one closely Laura thank you hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today show every weekday at 11 A.M Eastern 8 Pacific on our streaming Channel today all day to watch head to all day or click the link.

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  2. The dems never repair anything they appropriate exhaust tax money to opt votes.  The effective votes they’ll get from right here’s folks with depraved math abilities and no character.

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