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Contend with tonight and what's great about that snow in the Sierra with this one it's going to be falling low like down to around 4 000 feet and lower that's how we like to see the Sierra so you don't get these warm rain events this is a good one from that it's not fun to travel in which is why we keep showing those pictures of backups on 80.

All the way down you know to like the low elevations around Pollock Pines even and even lower on 80. okay here's the view on the Golden Gate raining and it's going to look just like this for the next probably 16 hours it's it's not really going to give us a break it doesn't rain continuously the whole time it'll be on again off again but the way.

First Alert Doppler looks now is the way it's going to look as we play the future cast forward into the overnight hours it doesn't really change a whole lot with this system that's midnight still looks like this here we are going into the early morning hours there might be some openings some breaks some windows but it's really not till we get to about.

Noon tomorrow when it finally turns off and the good news about this system is it's not terribly intense it's not bringing any wind advisories it's not being fueled by any kind of a registering atmospheric River it's just your run-of-the-mill light moderate Rainmaker we'll get about a half an inch of rain out of it it'll stick around for.

Half an hour and then for half a day and then we'll get out of here and if you look at the totals we get about a half an inch of rain between now and then since this started going around noon we've already got them at a 10th to two tenths and some of the wetter spots but it won't be as consistent as we get into the overnight hours Focus if it's going.

A bit South so having said that there's still a flood watch even though the rain comes to an end by about noon so you can plan your second half of Monday in the holiday knowing at least from noon on rain's not a part of it even though the rain's done then the flood watch still goes until midnight.

Until we get to 12 a.m on Tuesday just because it's enough additional rain on top of what we've already got but streams and Creeks are likely going to be held or maybe even raised a little bit to their banks no wind advisories with this how fantastic it gets a bit Breezy but this is not one of those systems that brings that threat of.

Downed trees granted you still have downed trees but we're not looking at gusts above the 30 mile an hour range which really increase those odds and every single time we had a storm come in and do that we had downed trees and the pictures were never pretty this one is not as likely to do that but the ground is just as saturated and some of these.

Trees are just on the verge so you still want to be careful all right as we look at the big picture the next system gets here on Wednesday we're going to look at that wide view just to play that forward we get rid of today's storm here comes Tuesday you can get some blue sky Tuesday looks great and then on Wednesday you see the next.

Storm that gets us into Wednesday morning so it's not getting here till the evening if we skip ahead I'm going to put this into we got to lose a little bit of the resolution on it and I'm going to take us past where we are today there's our Tuesday break here comes that Wednesday storm that's Wednesday evening overnight Wednesday into.

Thursday so yeah that's pretty good I mean if we want to put some rainfall totals on that we do pick up probably about a half an inch of rain before that's all said and done so let me play that all the way through Thursday so right now it's anywhere from a quarter to four tenths of an inch of rain think of it as second half of.

Wednesday first half of Thursday and think of it as the last car in the train because once we get past this there are no more coming our way at least in the long range and the weekend looks great in fact just to show you how the Pacific is starting to change if we start it there that's Wednesday so that's that system we were just looking at the last.

One in the train if I play it forward you start to see the storms getting redirected they start to go up and over that big building Ridge of high pressure which for the last several Winters has been the bane of our existence but it's nice to see it come back now and it'll Shield us from storms to give us a much needed break here's another way I love.

Looking at this this is accumulated rainfall from that period starting on Friday and going all the way through January 26th there's a big donut hole and we're right in the middle of it so there's your break morning lows tomorrow are down into the mid 40s daytime Highs are in the mid 50s for those of you who live for this kind of thing there we got.

The temperatures back in the forecast they haven't really mattered at all over the last week we've had so much else going on to cover and now we can start sharing a little more on that and by the way there's some snow two feet of snow coming up to Donner Pass Echo Summit about a foot of snow to Pollock Pines which is at 4 000 feet that is a good.

Sierra snowstorm the snow and the Sierra is incredible we are at 200 percent of of average at this point and it's it's been it's been an exceptionally good winner okay there's the next system and then there's that break plenty of sunshine from Friday through next weekend we see the same thing play out in our microclimates.

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