Strong Winds, Tornadoes, Hail All Imaginable As Severe Storms Roll Via South


Talk about when exactly all of this is going to be impacting you so largely for those of you and H-Town as well as East to there including not only New Orleans but Slidell Louisiana and then eventually shifting Eastward into places like Hattiesburg Mississippi as well as even those of you in Biloxi all need to be on alert for today even right there.

On the border of the sunshine state is where we could see not only some damaging winds and also the potential for some hail so as we go hour by hour here's what you can expect to see here later on this morning is when we are anticipating seeing that severe weather threat really start to ramp up so anytime you start to see yellows popping.

Up there on the radar that is an indication that we will start to not only see the winds picking up but also the intensity with some of the rain that's going to be moving through and you even see some of those red shades that are popping up there that is also an indication that we could see some very significant rain out of this and.

This is what we anticipate the radar looking like sometime around 12 o'clock so right around lunchtime so places like Austin as well as Houston get ready because you're definitely going to get slammed and then by four o'clock we're expecting this to slowly start to ramp up into places like Louisiana so Alexandria as well as those of you south.

Of there even Lake Charles is going to end up getting slammed with this and then by the end of the rush hour commute we're expecting to see some of that significant rain moving across into a places like Mississippi so Hattiesburg as well as Jackson all need to be on alert and this is an indication because we're going to start to see that Boeing.

There that is where we will likely end up unfortunately seeing some of those isolated tornadoes and then this is going to eventually move into Alabama into the overnight hours so Bruno let's still break down exactly what is going to be leading up to the severe weather why is all of this happening yeah there's a lot of things in place for.

Today which are going to allow all of these conditions to unfold one of the top threats that we're looking at Today Jason is the tornado threat there's been a big change overnight the Storm Prediction Center actually expanding the area and also really getting down to the nitty-gritty on the timing we have two specific time frames that we're looking.

At here afternoon and evening and then the overnight threat but it does stretch the entire Gulf Coast from Port Lavaca all the way over to Pensacola so this is a very large hatched area you know yesterday we were really focusing on Louisiana but now it looks like everyone from Southeast Texas all the way into the Florida Panhandle has the potential.

Of tornadoes even being ef2 or higher one of the top ingredients that we're seeing is the rotation that is already present because of wind shear at the surface we have our winds coming in you know straight off the Gulf of Mexico that is priming the atmosphere bringing in all that Juiced moisture from the Gulf of Mexico but also notice that we.

Have a little spin out here that is a coastal area of low pressure so with that spin already in the atmosphere this area of low pressure is going to cross right over Southeast Texas is it's adding spin to the atmosphere Jason and then as you go up in the atmosphere about 10 000 feet all of our winds at that level are coming in from the.

Southwest so we have two features just within wind shear that's naturally going to put a spin on the atmosphere that's why we're so concerned and also expanding that threat of tornadoes now we also have a lot of heat out there in the Gulf of Mexico temperatures right now mid 70s in the middle part of the gulf but also look at these Pockets that.

We have right offshore I mean we're talking about several pockets of water they're in the upper 70s so anytime you have heat in the atmosphere heat in the water that translates to energy for available storms and that's what we're going to be seeing unfold for the Texas Coastline now this is where we have all the moisture coming in from the Gulf of.

Mexico I do want to point out the Stark difference that we see here and also the cut off just drawing a line right here everyone down to the south of that line in Southeast Texas has an abundance of Gulf moisture that is much higher than what we're seeing north of that line so it looks like there's a a higher potential for severe weather and also.

Supercells and tornadoes in our Coastal counties for Texas so we're talking about Matagorda County all the way up towards Galveston County that's where we have that largest potential then of course once the front rolls through your risk of severe weather really drops we have a lot of available storm energy but Jason you know how this goes you might.

Have a lot of gas in the tank but do you have a trigger and today we very much have a trigger we have a cold front rolling through that could tap into this energy which is why there's been a change in the messaging this morning for Southeast Texas kind of heightening the awareness that this first round in the afternoon could be more substantial and.

Then we have the overnight aft round which is going to be a huge deal for places like Mississippi and Alabama I'm Amy Freeze welcome to Fox weather's YouTube page we have more great videos on the way so make sure to subscribe to stay updated on all things weather

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