Steve Hilton: This is the adaptation between the Biden myth and heart-broken reality


The brilliant thing about this Biden Administration is that if for a brief moment you forget just how appalling they really are and why they find a way to remind you and sure enough they did it again this week as we saw the grotesque contrast between the Biden fantasy of blue collar Joe from Scranton Pennsylvania and The Wretched reality of.

A weak cynical machine politician completely controlled by donors and activists ignoring the horrific poisoning of entire working-class community in East Palestine Ohio and instead flying halfway around the world for a photo op designed to steal the Valor of Brave ukrainians fighting a war that Biden himself enabled with his.

Weakness and appeasement of Putin polishingly back home all we got from Biden are one of the worst toxic chemical spills in America in years was this pathetic tweak thread full of lies and deflections he claimed the derailment was somehow Trump's fault because his administration deregulated certain break requirements.

But according to Biden's own NTSB breaks had nothing to do with the derailment and it was most likely caused by an overheated axle Biden said the EPA ordered Norfolk Southern to pay for the cleanup because it's their mess of course that's true of the derailment but the much more consequential issue was the decision afterwards to pour toxic.

Chemicals into an open ditch and set them on fire a move that according to Industry experts with totally unprecedented and Reckless but approved by the Biden Administration how do we know that Biden himself told us you know we were there two hours after the train went down two hours I've spoken with every single major figure in.

Both United and both Pennsylvania and in Ohio oh they were there within two hours by the way aren't you surprised we didn't have a little moment of demented angry Biden there two hours not ten two according to Ohio Governor Mike dewine even Biden's defense department was actively involved in the decision to.

Pour and burn the toxic chemicals as we said last week dewine himself must be held accountable but it's completely outrageous for Biden to try and distance his administration by blaming others while at the same time bragging about how involved his administration was from the start as usual these people who lecture us.

About ethics and decency are desperate to evade responsibility now it's hard to believe that what you're going to see is real and not a deep fake but apparently this genuinely was America's Transportation secretary this week as the nation reels from devastating train accidents catastrophic air traffic control meltdowns and almost.

Daily reports of terrifying aircraft near misses I'm going to refer you to the comments that I made to the Press because right now I'm taking some personal time and I'm walking down the street oh he's taking some personal time seems to have become something of a habit in the midst of a crisis that falls within.

His purview when Mackenzie Pete did finally make it to his Palestine we instantly knew just how serious he was by the fact that he wore a hard hat and ignored every question reporters asked about his sluggish response but it's okay because somebody self-identifying as Pete's press person did have all the answers.

Why did it take you an entire two and a half weeks to actually get here to respond to East Palestine will you apologize to the residents of this city for for the the slow response to the government's slow response you have any apologies can we ask well if you're the Press Secretary of the secretary of the.

Department of Transportation don't you think you should be able to ask questions from the American public that absolutely I would like to do it without the camera on can I ask why I think that is a little bit aggressive that's why brilliant expecting the federal government that you pay for to answer questions about issues they're.

Responsible for is now aggressive of course the reason they're so discombobulated by all this is that Trump showed up was welcomed by cheering crowds and demonstrated yet again that he has a natural authentic connection with working people and blue-collar communities like East Palestine and honestly you just have to love moments.

Like this I mean I do because I love McDonald's not least because working there was my first job so I know this menu better than you do I probably know it better than anybody in here the serious point is that Biden's response to what happened in these Palestine highlights some of the.

Defining defects of his administration creating a problem denying it exists finally admitting it exists but blaming others and then either doing too little too late to help or more often making the problem even worse of course we saw that in Afghanistan we see it still every day at the border and we'll continue to see it with the.

Economy where they helped create the inflation surge with their Reckless spending claimed it was transitory when it was obvious that it wasn't blame Putin and then decided to spend even more making sure that it lasts longer and the high interest rates needed to control it cause even more pain honestly what's gone Well they claimed.

Low unemployment but even there first it's the inevitable bounce back from the pandemic lockdowns which they supported and second the labor participation rate the actual proportion of Americans working as we always remind you is now the lowest for nearly 50 years amazingly there's no sign of a rethink even though more than 70 percent of.

Americans think we're heading in the wrong direction instead Biden and his crew are heading further and faster in the wrong direction look at this extreme and menacing executive order Biden issued last week they want to embed the woke Equity agenda into all aspects of the federal government through artificial intelligence.

Doesn't AI already have enough left-wing bias chat GPT created by Biden donors and now the default technology for Microsoft's Bing search engine refuses to compose an argument in favor of fossil fuels because it goes against Democrat climate zealotry and while it'll gladly write a story about Trump being corrupt it refuses to do the same.

For Biden amazingly they really do seem to be serious about running this senile laughing stock all over again in 2024 as Dr Jill confirmed on Friday in an announcement that should be treated with the reverence and respect that it deserves so please put down what you're doing and pay attention as we recite the.

Words of Dr Jill and I think look at all that Joe has done has accomplished I mean he brought us out of the chaos and he did that people were starving they didn't have food and people were afraid there was so fear and so he came up with the American Rescue plan to help kids get back to.

School and you know the things that bringing Broadband to all the United States so that all kids have internet look at our role and our bridges look at Healthcare and what we've done he's done so much and Darlene he's just not done hahaha.

well tell us what you think of all that on the new free Twitter at the extreme fnc and that's Steve Hilton next Vivek is back with us Vivek um I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did um what is your critique now thinking of your big announcement this week your critique of this Administration and how.

An Administration that you now hope to lead would be different and better well I think this Administration is a symptom of a deeper cancer In America which is an anti-meritocratic cancer the people running the show in America today are not the people who meritocratically should be there either Joe Biden but even if you think about you were talking.

About Pete bootage would he have gotten that job if he were not gay and wear it on his sleeve absolutely not would Kamala Harris who was supposed to be responsible for the crisis at the border gotten her job if it were not for her gender and the color of her skin absolutely not and I think this is just a symptom of a deeper cancer invading.

Every sphere of American Life what we really need to do in our country is restore the idea that you get ahead in America not on the color of your skin not on your sexuality but in the content of your character and your contributions and while I think a big part of that is in the private sector it's a big part of why ending affirmative action is a top.

Policy pillar of mine including in government it's also restoring Merit to government itself because as I said before Steve it's not the people who even elect who are actually running the show as much of a joke as Joe Biden really is sitting in the Oval Office the deeper problem is that the people Underneath Him view him just as a puppet.

As well and the administrative state that sits underneath him they're the ones who actually wield power poorly on his behalf you you know what I love about everything you're saying tonight is you really zero in on the crucial problem in a moment um we've got some questions for you from uh that I asked from our.

Audience on Twitter today but just one from me just to follow up on what you said there specifically what would you want to do about the administrative state I would shut most of it down Steve I mean I've already committed publicly the first Department I'm going to shut down I'm going to do it in week one in office.

Is the U.S Department of Education but that is just the first of many when these agencies become such a cancerous right you can't reform them top down you have to shut them down I'm also going to replace these federal civil service protections that's anti-merocratic saying you can't fire somebody no matter how bad of a job they do that doesn't.

Work in the private sector it shouldn't work in government either to replace that with eight-year term limits for saying that you know what if I can't be the next president of the United States for more than eight years which I think is a good thing I don't think most people working for me in the federal bureaucracy should either and take a.

Bunch of those administrative agencies in Washington DC and get them out of Washington DC back to the people they're actually supposed to be accountable to think about it the Department of Transportation was located in East Palestine what kind of different reaction we might have had and so that's just I'm just beginning to scratch the.

Surface Steve but as you can tell I'm pretty animated about this because it is my top domestic priority to actually decimate the administrative State and restore a three-branch government not a four or five branch government as we have today between the alphabet soup of the administrative State and the private sector that they're increasingly.

Deputizing to do their dirty work that's the real problem it's really really that is a really deep point that is the structural point that underlies all these other problems I'm so glad you're focused on it now let's move to some of the questions that came in for you today um a couple of them I'm just picking.

Them because they they represented a lot of what our audience had to ask you this is from Matt Sanchez why is he challenging Trump why doesn't he support Trump and push for a cabinet or White House job when Trump wins so it's a great question first of all I want to say president Trump is a friend I don't even see myself as running.

Against him I am running for the country and to be really honest about it if he hadn't done what he did in 2015 and 2016 as an outsider then I probably wouldn't have thought about doing what I am today he sets a high bar in my opinion but I am running to exceed that high bar to take the America First agenda to the next level because in order to put.

America First Steve we have to first ReDiscover what America is and that is why I'm running because it's not somebody else's Vision it is my vision you and I know this for years discussing on this show the books I've written over the last couple of years this is my vision for the country centered on answering the question of what it means.

To be an American today I think president Trump's actually misunderstood I think he actually does care about National Unity but I think National Unity is so important that we need to ask ourselves who is actually going to deliver it going forward and I am running for president to deliver on that mission with a vision of American.

National identity that runs so deep that it dilutes the woke tender to irrelevance not just pounding it into the ground with a hammer even I've done some of that but now we need to move forward and actually dilute it with them with a national identity of American of a sense of what it means to be American and I think that's what we're missing.

And I believe that's what I can deliver so there's one more I'd like to put you it's from from a friend of ours Susan Shelley um it's more of a personal uh question but I think these sometimes can illustrate um a a deeper point so I'd like to see your response to this.

Um in your career or in your personal life have you ever been fooled or misled by experts and if so how did that experience affect your thought process and judgment when making decisions today the answer to that question is yes I have run multiple companies and I think that it's opened my eyes to the fact that while you need expert input there's.

A difference between a policy decision that's made by a leader and a technocratic input that's offered by a so-called expert and I think we live in a moment today in America that mixes up the two we live in this managerial technocracy which professes science or whatever other technocratic value is on the table to say that that actually.

Guides a policy decision whether that's covetism whether that's climatism I collectively call that scientism rather than science that is a religion and we need to unshackle ourselves from this religion that says that the technocrat actually gets to run the show in order to instead have leaders I was trained as a molecular biologist myself I've run.

Multi-billion dollar businesses I've I'm bluntly financially sophisticated I understand those expert inputs you need leaders who can but you need to be leaders also have leaders who can separate the actual policy judgment the moral judgments they're making from the technical judgment because they're not one and the same I'm so grateful for.

That question because it goes to the heart of an American Cancer today that has turned technocracy itself into a religion and the most dangerous religions are the ones that we fail to recognize are actually religions Steve a very very uh powerful uh set of answers to all those questions Vic we really appreciate uh you being with us.

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