Sprawling U.S. winter storm system dwelling to slam thousands and thousands


Tonight the National Weather Service is warning that a historic winter storm is on the Move already starting to Pummel Minnesota with what could be up to two feet of snow over the next three days the governor issuing emergency executive orders to prepare the National Guard we don't uh overreact but we also understand that weather can be dangerous.

So we take it seriously the winter Wallops slogging across the country from Washington State in Idaho to North Dakota where there was chaos on I-29 icy treacherous roads snarling semis Colorado and Wyoming whiteout conditions even in the Twin Cities the region used to Wicked weather this snowfall could be.

One of the top five largest in history you can see a lot of red on the map that's major impacts from this winter storm over the next one to three days the last time Minneapolis saw this much snow was in 2010 when the roof of the Metrodome collapsed now the rush is on to prepare for this latest winter blast travel Coast to Coast could be impacted.

For the rest of the week weather is a bit unpredictable and so we're asking everybody to plan ahead all right Gabe Gutierrez joining us again from the Twin Cities tonight Gabe what are officials in that City most concerned about I mean it is winter it is Minneapolis to get a lot a lot of snow but apparently they haven't gotten.

Snow like this in a long time yeah more than a decade Thomas that we heard in our report and actually you just see some of these joggers these Runners behind me the people in Minnesota they are used to winter storms but this one as we said is expected to be the worst in more than a decade but the National Weather Service here is.

Warning that especially into tomorrow late tomorrow and into Thursday travel in this area is set to be quote impossible so they're urging people to stay home and they expect potentially some highway road closures as the main part of this storm sweeps across the area top thanks for watching our YouTube channel.

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