Social media videos expose China nurses in awful health from Covid collapsing on the job


Turning to our health lead now and fears over China's COVID crisis worsening amid the Lunar New Year celebrat The Chinese government, of course, basically closed the international borders for three while not taking critical steps to get the best vaccines.

And prepare its hospitals. The country's health care system has now been overwhelmed by a su in COVID cases ever since they abandoned their COVID policy last month. The government. As CNN's Ivan Watson reports for now, since that abrupt change,.

China went from reporting just 37 deaths in a month to admitting that the number was closer to 60,000 a population on the move. Attention paid after three years of restriction due to their government's war on Chinese can finally travel again.

Just in time for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. In pre-pandemic times, this was as the world's largest annual human migration I haven't been home in three years, says this man at the main Beijin train station.

Millions of Chinese people are t as COVID 19 spreads out of contr Chinese officials say COVID infe have passed their peak in many parts of the country, but there are clearly still conc about the scale of the outbreak. For example, here in Hong Kong, authorities requir.

All of these travelers arriving on high speed trains from mainland China. To get negative COVID tests firs before they can cross the border Last month, Beijing abruptly scrapped its strict zero COVID policy. The ensuing surge of sick.

People putting a strain on hospitals and health workers. Several social media videos show sick with COVID collapsing on th But then I felt unwell, says this nurse, and Shen Dong. It had been a week that I had CO.

Until that day when I finally co Over the weekend, health officials who once prided themselves on keeping COVID out of China, abruptly raised the COVID death since early December, from several dozen COVID deaths.

60,000 people killed by COVID. But the official U-turn on COVID has had other unintended consequ At a factory in Chongqing, workers pelted police with what appeared to be boxes of COVID tests. Some biotech companies.

Withholding salaries or laying off workers after the government suddenly st demanding the population take millions of COVID tests a d The implementation of zero COGAT and the abrupt and unprepared ma in which it was abandoned I mean,.

Speaks to a chronic governance f One of China's richest provinces, Guangdong, spent around $22 billion over three years on pandemic prevention. A lot of these local governments are highly ind They've got big cash flow proble.

This is a big problem that the central government and local governments will have to sort out in this coming decade. But COVID just kind of made it worse, real For now, uncertainty over public health.

And government finances has done little to dampen a palpable sense of excitement. Understandable as Chinese emerge from pandemic to celebrate the year of the Rab The biggest holiday of the year You know, Jake, I.

Think it'll be some time before we can reall the cost of three years of this failed zero COVID policy. And now this abrupt whiplash where you've got maybe 85% of the population in some cities and provinces getting COVID now.

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, he had fresh comments on the pandemic today. He said that the country has ent entered a new phase of the COVID 19 response and that tough challenges remain But the light of hope is right i of the country.

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