‘Shut your mouth’: Labor union president, GOP senator conflict in hearing | USA TODAY


UPS feeder driver makes 35,000.If you don't know your facts, then maybe you should be. I I know 'em because Inegotiate the contract. So I say, I say one thing to you. What do you bring for that salary?What do I bring? Yeah, what do you, what do you, what job have you committedor have you have you, uh, uh, uh, started? What job have you created? One job other than sucking thepaycheck out of some other body? Somebody else that you want to say,.

That you're trying to provide becauseyou're forcing them to pay dues and, no. No, we don't force them.Senator. You've asked the question. Let him answer the question.You're outta line. I have. And no, don't tell me I'm outta you're outtaline. Don't tell me I'm outta line. Well, you, you, you framed. Don't tell meI'm making a statement. You frame, you framed. You frame the staple.. Shut your mouthbecause you don't know you're talking about.

You're gonna tell me to shut my mouth? Yes I did. I'll do it, tough guy. I'mnot a afraid of physical. But don't sit there andtell me I'm outta line. Senator, you made a statement.You asked the question. I didn't ask a question. You did it. I answered the question. Youasked the question about how rhetoric let him answer.It was rhetoric. It was rhetorical.You may think it's rhetorical.

It was rhetoric to me like aquestion. Let him answer the question. I'm not yielding my time to him. Soif you're gonna let me keep my time, that's fine. You'll have your time. Lethim, you ask a question, he has the right to answer that. As far as my salary goes, my salary.If you follow me around, I walk, I actually look at this building. Ibet you I work more hours than you do, twice as many hours. That's impossible, but.

No, that is, that's true. Sir. You don't know what hard work is.Second, You wanna follow up the schedlue? Secondly, I'll do it in a minute.

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  1. You know, I’ve heard that when an excited population is upset with their government, that usually they attain things out of infuriate akin to flip over autos and even usually cancel politicians. And I detest that shit, we can’t absorb that.

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