Sequence of storms anticipated to bring extra rain all the design through California


Foreign Believe It or Not Another storm system is on the way with areas in Central and Northern California under a flood watch the rain has been falling in the Bay Area all afternoon and snow levels are rising in the Sierra Nevada east of Sacramento here in Southern California the rain could be dangerous for people.

In the San Bernardino Mountains where there is still heavy snow from last week CBS 8's Brian White is in Encinitas where City Crews have been working to prepare a huge sinkhole Brian here in Cardiff crews are hard at work repairing the massive sinkhole that opened up during the last storm and with this new atmospheric River on the way it can make.

This situation even worse that's really what caused it initially was the multiple rainstorms so that's what really blew it out Encinitas City Crews have been making progress moving utilities and Shoring up the support structure underneath the road here on Lake Drive after damage from a ruptured storm water pipe was made worse during.

The rains last month it's been so dry for so many years and then we add a bunch of rain and you never know how old those pipes are another atmospheric river is bringing a massive storm system that will likely drench areas in Central and Northern California tonight and into the weekend with 17 million Californians under flood watches but most of those.

Impacts will be to the north of us the primary impacts are going to be up in the San Bernardino Mountains unfortunately fresh off of last week's blizzard that dropped the on feet of snow to a lot of over a lot of the mountain communities in the San Bernardino Mountains many people's homes and cars have been.

Trapped on all sides by snow that just keeps piling higher people in Lake Arrowhead and other Mountain communities have spent weeks with shovels in hand I'm gonna get three to five inches five to eight and then five to eight turned into a foot or more every you know every 12 hours the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office says.

At least one person was killed in the previous storm while 11 others were found dead during welfare checks even after two weeks people there are still struggling probably about a million cubic yards today it's it's a daunting task Brian Adams with the National Weather Service here in San Diego says the added rain could be dangerous for.

Places already buried in heavy snow any houses that would potentially still have a lot of snow sitting on the roofs or anything like that it's going to become really really heavy he says we may see a quarter to half an inch of rain here in San Diego mostly on Friday really going to look like more of like a beneficial rain than anything else just kind of.

Enough to wet the ground help our plants grow a little bit even with the forecasted rain on the way City Crews for instance need is say they're on schedule to have this sinkhole repaired in a few weeks Brian White cbsa all right so exactly how much rain could we be seeing here in Southern California from this atmospheric River chief.

Meteorologist Carlene Chavis is here with a first look at your microclimate forecast currently an atmospheric River it sounds bad and it can be bad in over certain parts of the state but but we shouldn't get too alarmed here well here's the thing they're not all not all of them are the same and so you're talking about the bulk of that moisture.

Being well towards the Northwest where it's going to be a lot stronger we're already starting to see that in the satellite radar but us here we are the southernmost portion of California our county is so we're actually going to see the least amount of rainfall as mentioned in the story by the National Weather Service more so beneficial so.

When we take a look at scattered showers and heavy rainfall and snow it's across Northern California and central California closer towards Southern California and pinpointing our particular County you are talking about seeing about a half an inch and that's a couple of days that we could have that so on again off-again shower activity.

That's expected not necessarily for the desert but the bulk of that moisture is expected along the coast and towards the mountains here are some key time frames to keep in mind we do have a chance for light rain in the forecast and that's going to be west of the mountains that's from noon tomorrow all the way until midnight on Saturday night you're also.

Talking about a period of more moderate rainfall and that's for about uh 6 a.m to noon on Saturday and some Gusty winds in the mountains so more details on that coming up Marcella

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