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Watch this. Wow. Just see that chemical pop outtathe creek. This is disgusting. And the fact that we havenot cleaned up the, the, the train crash, the fact that these chemicals are stillseeping in the ground is an insult to the people who live in EastPalestine. Do not forget these people. We've gotta keep applying pressure.That's how we're gonna fix this problem. The important thing to me is thatwe hold, as the administrator said, that we hold NorfolkSouthern accountable. Um,.

That means accountable for thetest, for people to move back in, accountable for all the cleanup thatwill take weeks, I don't know how long, but at least weeks, to assure people thatthe water is safe and the air is safe, and the soil is safe for their children.For the 4,000 plus residents, here. Let me be clear. EPA will exercise our oversightand our enforcement authority under the law to be sure we are gettingthe results that the community deserves.

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3 thoughts on “Senators disgusted by Ohio educate derailment scene | USA TODAY

  1. Here’s existence below an oligarchy. The corporate gain of legislators & regulators has resulted in a system the put both political parties are happy to enable industries to roll aid law attempts while these agencies additionally skimp on safety equipment, preventative upkeep & workers. The revolving door between being a flesh presser & being a company lobbyist/consultant is so clear that it's now now not even a “secret cabal.” The corruption is out within the commence for all people to discover. Because they've made it staunch. No longer for our interests, for theirs.This has all occured while the companies poured hundreds of billions of bucks in income into their shareholders pockets because they're powerful venture is income: they don't live conclude to things devour railroads or diversified public transport, why should they?Hell, this story even took a couple of days to streak because while this fireplace modified into burning, our company news overlords prioritized the broadcast of performative politics relating to a climate balloon that didn't assassinate any individual. All so predicament views would improve because news companys realize one thing: making the public fight themselves improves income while keeping their smartly to set overlords happy for the reason that views are engaged without being educated. So-called “advocates of the truth” dangle been replaced with company propaganda mouth pieces years within the past. Technically, most of what the news experiences on is staunch….because they're now now not reporting the details that will possibly well possibly web them in trouble with their householders, now now not their boss. Their proprietor. REAL journalists report the news that MATTERS and now now not the news their householders need other folks to discover, or the news that's most a success. Democracy died with Voters United, but it modified into on existence pork up for a protracted time earlier than that.Here’s the originate of the decomposition of The usa. Staunch wait and discover, as lengthy as “D vs R” is the predominant focal level of politics the staunch ones who will decide are these who've been winning… aka the smartly to set leeches which dangle hollowed out the center class & transformed the survivors into sock puppet defenders of the company role quo.The rich are stealing the income we “needed” workers web while WE shield the total chance, put our our bodies on the road & exercise vital time seperated from these we devour. We're all working in direction of a greater future that the smartly to set in this country dangle already provided to international traders since the rich in The usa don't care about our society our infrastructure or our country, they powerful care about their own fortune. And they'll assassinate us desirous about an additional buck without hesitation.Luxuriate in the rich. F**k political parties. It's time for forced redistribution and for the powerful proponents of these systemic modifications to face mob justice…Unfortunately for the rich we poors don't dangle plenty left to lose, and fortuitously with the total loose gun laws in our country…smartly….any individual will likely be carrying a .22… A doorman. A driver. A cleaning lady. Hell… even an intern or a non-public assistant. Lot of us within the market. And the smartly to set refuse to enact their own work, so they need us round. Finest certainly one of us desires to web conclude ample to web particular the shot hit. A message should be sent. And we can't trust politicians or the news to enact it for us. The like minded demand is how lengthy earlier than this snowball rolls into an outright class conflict. Americans are purported to be freed from tyranny and smartly… they'll burn this total nation to the ground if that's what it takes to web our the company-flesh presser boot off our necks. After we enact, they'll never step on one other neck as soon as more.

  2. Discontinuance you perceive what Norfolk southern provided the space of Palestinian?? 25k…now now not every, total…actually 5$ every! I've additionally seen photos and video of the tracks they lunge the trains on…in serious disrepair! Anndd…the motive it modified into made up our minds to burn the toxins is so they’d possibly well possibly additionally web the music repaired sooner than if they tankered it out. Here’s appalling and this should price them billions! Past pissed! The impact of their reckless and greed motivated decisions will impact that apartment for a protracted time! Greed greed greed…

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