SDPD releases physique-digicam photos of fatal police taking pictures in Barrio Logan


Check it out if you're not going to comply we're going to yank you out is that what you want to do no on my way like I said you have marijuana in the car I need to make sure you're not legally transporting it turn the car off new tonight San Diego Police have released body worn camera video of a fatal police shooting from last Friday.

Night in Barrio Logan the family of 32 year old Christopher Darman is speaking out calling the fatal shooting of their father and brother by police following a traffic stop for a broken tail light quote unjustified CBS hits Richard Allen examines what led up to the shooting as well as how a use of force expert views this encounter.

Well that's right dearman's family tells me that Christopher had battled mental illness and they believed the police should have done more to try to de-escalate the situation but a use of force experts says that the officers involved showed enormous patience before the encounter turned deadly good evening pulled over is because your third brake.

Lights out the patrolman identified as officers Christopher Aguilar and Jacob Myers told the arm and they would have to search his truck after smelling marijuana dearman admitted to having pot in the car officers said they had to make sure he wasn't illegally transporting drugs I have probable cause.

A background check showed dearman had three prior convictions for carrying a firearm in a vehicle after a supervisor arrived police again tried to order the Armin out of the truck I'm explaining why we do after officers opened the driver's door the Armin then started the engine and took off after a brief two block chase the Arman.

Then pulled to a stop got out and according to police immediately fired a handgun at the officers as they exited one bullet hitting the patrol car prompting the officers to return fire the Army collapsed by his gun and later died at a hospital they did everything that they should have done and I wish there could have been another outcome.

Retired sdpd lieutenant Ray Shea an expert on lethal use of force says that the officers did have probable cause to pull the Armin over and in his view handled the incident by the book but also showed enormous patience is what I saw and the gentleman obviously tried to kill both officers and they protected themselves they're out there to protect.

Human life but they also have to protect themselves you kill somebody over a tail light tonight I spoke with the armin's sister Patricia and his 18 year old son David they believe the shooting was unjustified and say that their loved one was targeted they see a tattooed up Mexican in the wrong neighborhood and they're gonna stop him for any reason.

They say that Christopher D Harmon who'd been out of prison for about four years was rebuilding his life because he had the biggest part and no matter what you see on the news what you read you'll never ever meet anybody as loyal as him he was a big dude with the kindest heart and I'm his only son and we were just bonding we were just building a.

Connection and all that's gone and to take a closer look at the body camera video for yourself just go to click on the online version of this story

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  1. Immense heart huh? Focused?πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I’m Hispanic myself and I will be able to clearly stare that the law enforcement officials are in the magnificent. It’s depressed because somebody died nonetheless they even hold families to head dwelling to and if you shoot at them first they even hold the magnificent to defend themselves.

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