San Diegans address downed trees, flooded roads, and unhealthy prerequisites resulting from frosty climate storm


We've got team coverage of the weather tonight CBS 8's Regina urida is near Fashion Valley Mall where flooding is often an issue Sean Styles is here in the studio with us with what we can expect tonight and tomorrow first we're going to head out to Regina well Steven cures in the weather conditions have been brutal tonight the.

Amount of rain that's been pouring down has already caused flooding in certain parts of San Diego one of the areas that is known to be easily flooded is near the Fashion Valley Mall so some of the streets have been already blocked off including parts of the mall's parking structure now behind me I don't know if you can really see but I want to step.

Out of the picture so you can see the body of water covering this area the parking structure has already been blocked off to the public but water has sort of made it onto the streets disrupting drivers passing through here back-to-back storms continue to hit the regions the weather conditions have brought high.

Winds and rip currents while San Diego's coastline is seeing dangerously large waves sub-san Diego Straits are experiencing flooding painting a different image for tourists who travel to San Diego hoping to find sunshine I came here thinking that it would be sunny and everything I think I only pack about two jackets on.

The streets roads have become slippery with traffic piling up because of vehicles speeding during these conditions I talked to locals who chose alternative transportation to avoid getting into an accident we live in Escondido right now so we're just waiting for the transit to get here it says it's going to leave about 30.

Minutes although conditions are nothing compared to Northern California the rain has been leaving its mark on top of flooding in areas like Mission Valley Spring Valley and at the Juana River First Responders have also dealt with downed power lines and Fallen trees for people walking the streets it's become an inconvenience my shoes have not been.

Helping me every single time I step into place my socks have been getting soaking wet so I just need to get better shoes I guess San Diego housing officials have opened four weather shelters for anyone needing a place to stay including father Joe's Village now heavy rain is expected to continue well into the morning for those of you.

With an early morning commute it's recommended that you plan ahead and that you slow down on your speed we're also having a high surf advisory that were made in effect until 10 pm Tuesday so of course again if you're here near a fashion Maui Mall Of course remember there is a lot of flooding near this area and the parking structure is.

Blocked off to the public Steve Kirsten and Regina you talked about folks slowing down we do tend to see a lot more accidents when we have these types of conditions what types of accidents have we been seeing out there on the roads today you know not as many as we've seen uh from you know weeks before last week but.

Definitely we have been seeing a lot of people speeding so um you know CHP has always recommended especially during this time to slow down because roads are really slippery I know that sometimes it gets backed up so obviously people tend to speak during this time but of course slow it down you've got to slow it down drive to.

Arrive alive thank you so much for that live shot Regina your reader reporting all right the big question now how long is this rain going to stick around all right so let's get answers from meteorologist Sean Stiles you are the man of the hour wow you know I tell you driving in this evening uh hydroplaning was a huge problem yeah on the roads I.

Saw a car sliding literally if you can stay in the number two or number three lane avoiding the edges of the freeway that is your best bet because the water the way our freewheels are built are crowned to allow the water to run off of them so try to stay in that number two or number three lane those are the two lanes in the middle as you can see take.

A look at this Doppler radar we're talking about some heavy rain coming down and there is a lot more waiting in the wings as you look at this image take a look at this as we pull back out look at how far out into the Pacific This Cloud Mass streams it is all the way into the Central Pacific we're seeing just a flow of moisture coming into the.

Western United States and it is targeting Central and Southern California over the next 12 to 24 hours take a look at these rainfall totals each and every weather hit we have in each show I'm going in and updating these this is as of noon Saturday look at Palomar Mountain almost six inches almost three inches in places like.

Valley Center Escondido Ramona Lake Cuyamaca four and a half inches here's your three-day forecast we see some partial clearing tomorrow along the coastline but then the clouds intensify a little bit and more rain coming in so with the heating of the day tomorrow because of the sun coming out it'll lift the moisture into the upper atmosphere.

That won't be the case in the Inland microclimates you'll see more of that rain sticking around temperatures are chilly snow already flying in the mountains of San Diego we'll take you up to the Laguna Mountain Lodge coming up in just a bit and show you how the snow is already sticking on the ground there all right crazy condition Sean thank you.

Well right now we are looking at flooding this is the Tijuana River Valley area you can see that vehicle stuck there rivers and streams across the county Rose rapidly overnight from The Heavy Rain that SUV stranded in high water its doors open lifeguard spotted the vehicle around seven this morning on Saturn Boulevard near Sunset Road they.

Searched the area didn't find anyone swept away we're told the city had barricades blocking off the crossing but apparently somebody moved them and this was on Playa Del Sur Street near La Jolla Boulevard take a look at that so strong winds managed to pull a 50-foot pine tree out of the rain soaked ground right on top of a van again this.

Happened in La Jolla the men's winter was completely shattered and then the roof caved in the tree is blocking the entire Street which is a one-way Street now just because of the sheer size of that tree it's going to take Crews a couple of hours to clear that road

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