Russian soldier who fled Russian navy speaks to CNN


OUTFRONT now. Konstantin Yefremov, the former Russian senior lieutenant who is seeking asylum in the US after serving in Ukraine. He is the most senior officer to speak openly about what he saw there.

And Konstantin, I appreciate your time. You shared with us your military ID card, which I'm going to show viewers on the screen now that shows you were made a lieutenant in 2017 and obviously you served in Ukraine. I know you still speak.

With Russian soldiers who are there fighting now. What are they telling you about what's happening on the ground? Sochi. Mullen College, Columbia. Well, I have to say that there are only very few people that I have been in contact with.

Because you can imagine just talking to me is already that puts them at the risk of high danger. In fact, after this interview and just opening up, I can imagine tomorrow or may just as well even today,.

They will start talking to me. And the last time I talked to them, there wasn't much they could share with me. Just hunger cold. They're their circumstances. Their conditions are very dire. You talk about dire conditions. And I know you shared with us.

Some photos, Konstantin, that you say are from your time fighting in Ukraine. And we've heard you talk about them being hungry. We hear about Russian soldiers not having enough food that happened to you. You took a picture of this rabbit.

That you had to hunt for food while you were there, and then you boiled it in a bucket to eat. And you sent us that photo as well. What is morale like right now for the troops? I know you're describing it as dire physical on the hood of.

Everyone or nearly everyone who is there and a sense that what's happening is wrong, that it's all very wrong and they truly do not believe Putin's fables about Ukraine's threat of invasion. And I'd like to say that the very fact that they are in trenches.

And was just caused by their living situation, for many of them, their military service is their means of living and basically they only have one choice. It's either they are family and children end up on the streets or they have to be in the trenches.

And now after the after the mobilization, many of them in general after the mobilization, they cannot even resign. And otherwise they'll be sent to prison for seven, ten years. So basically, there is no choice.

They either have to remain there or find ways to flee. So like I've already said, the circumstances are dire and it usually or sealed up if sort of necessary. Army You know, obviously some of what has happened on the ground,.

You know, we know about horrific war crimes committed by Russian forces across the entire state of this war. You shared a video or photo with us in front of a building in Ukraine where you say that.

Ukrainian prisoners were tortured. What did you see happen Yeah, we do. I personally saw how the deputy commander of the unit, whose name is Schaitberger, tortured and threatened with sexual violence, prisoners of war from the 36 Navy Division.

Were there others? Konstantin who had issues with this? Because obviously many soldiers were participating in going along Yeah. And I cannot say that anyone would have dared to say anything to this Colonel in any way.

Or could have showed their disapproval anything. Because just like he shot that Ukrainian prisoner of war, he could have easily shot me or anyone else who said that they didn't agree with this. Besides, he was drunk nonstop,.

And he was driving around the nearby villages where there were other prisoners of war. As far as I know, there were about 20 others, Ukrainian prisoners or boys. But I myself and was a witness of interrogations of three Ukrainian prisoners of war. You tried to resign,.

Konstantin, from the army. You ended up being dismissed because you refused to return to Ukraine. And they sent you a document. You shared it with us. And let me just read part of it to our viewers. This serviceman refused to go to the territory of Ukraine.

To perform his service in combat mission. Thereby, senior lieutenant from up Konstantin Vladimirovich, committed a gross disciplinary offense expressed by his evasion from his duties of military service. Konstantin, you are now hoping to seek asylum.

In the United States. You have left Russia. Why do you think the United States should grant you asylum Yes. First, Sascha, if a strong that is democracy, I believe that the United States of America.

Is the country of democracy where human rights are upheld. And I've already been in Mexico for a month. And over this period of time, I've been trying to seek an appointment with the border guards. And unfortunately,.

So far, my efforts have been in vain. And therefore, I'm I addressed mass media and human rights advocates, advocates to support me in seeking political asylum items, to pursue political leadership Konstantin, thank you so very much for your time.


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