Russia: We are in a position to execute the US with nuclear tsunami


Russia claims it has torpedoes capable ofcausing an underwater radioactive tsunami. Additionally, Dmitry Medvedev warned NATOallies that a defeat for Russia in Ukraine could provoke a nuclear war. Russia has made its first batch of nuclear-capabletorpedoes that are said to be so powerful they could cause radioactive ocean swellsand huge nuclear tsunamis that could destroy coastal cities in the U.S. or its allies. The Poseidon torpedoes are due to be deliveredto the special-purpose nuclear-powered submarine Belgorod. A pro-Vladimir Putin figure, Dmitry Kiselyovsaid that these torpedoes would be capable of causing a 500-meter high tidal wave ofradioactive seawater, and that they could.

“plunge Britain into the depths of the sea”. If Poseidon can indeed trigger enormous radioactivetsunamis, the torpedoes could have a huge impact on marine life, as well as human life. Radioactive fallout has been previously foundto have a big impact on wildlife in the vicinity. In the aftermath of the Chernobyl nucleardisaster, birds and mammals were found to have developed cataracts in their eyes andsmaller brains. US and Russian officials have both describedPoseidon as a new category of retaliatory weapon, capable of triggering radioactiveocean swells to render coastal cities uninhabitable. On the other side, Deputy chairman of Russia’sSecurity Council Dmitry Medvedev warned NATO.

Allies that a defeat for Russia in Ukrainecould provoke a nuclear war. In Telegram, he said, “The loss of a nuclearpower in a conventional war can provoke the beginning of a nuclear war. Nuclear powers have never lost major conflictson which their fate depends.” Though his comments on Russia’s theoreticaldefeat in Ukraine may show that the Kremlin is increasingly worried about its abilityto win Putin’s war as Western support for Kyiv continues to roll in. Putin has repeatedly threatened to use atleast tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine as the conflict has dragged on much longerthan experts think Putin intended.

Tactical nuclear weapons are meant to be morecontained than other nuclear weapons and used on the battlefield. The nuclear torpedo was presented in 2018by Russia as the way to ensure Russian military supremacy, although nuclear experts have arguedthat the same effect can be achieved with an intercontinental missile like those inoperation since the 1960s. The United States has activated the satellitenetwork to track torpedoes that takes advantage of the high heat given off by the projectileswhen they are activated. But they are unable to detect them under thesea. The Belgorod is 184 meters long and 15 meterswide and can travel at about 60 kilometers.

Per hour underwater. It is estimated that it can go up to 120 dayswithout having to return to the surface. In September 2022, Russian nuclear-poweredsubmarines fired cruise missiles in the Arctic as part of military drills designed to testMoscow's readiness for a possible conflict in its icy northern waters. The drills, named Umka-2022, took place inthe Chukchi Sea, an eastern stretch of the Arctic Ocean that separates Russia from theU.S. state of Alaska. The head of Russian space agency Roscosmoshas claimed his country could quickly destroy NATO countries if a nuclear war took place.

Dmitry Rogozin, who has made many outlandishand provocative comments in recent months, shared the message in Russian on his Telegramchannel. Rogozin claimed that the destruction couldhappen in 30 minutes, and said “but we must not allow it, since the consequences of anexchange of nuclear strikes will affect the state of our Earth.” Rogozin also wrote in his Telegram post: “NATOis waging war against us. It has not declared it, but it doesn't changeanything. Now it's obvious to everyone.” His comments do not align with the stanceof NATO, which posted a statement on its website,.

Saying that the organization “condemns inthe strongest possible terms Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine — which is an independent,peaceful and democratic country, and a close NATO partner.” It continued: “The Alliance calls on PresidentPutin to stop this war immediately, withdraw all his forces from Ukraine without conditionsand engage in genuine diplomacy.” In February 2022, Russian president VladimirPutin put Russia's nuclear deterrent forces on high alert amid the sweeping sanctionsthe US and EU have imposed on it. Rogozin has previously said Roscosmos wouldleave the International Space Station and that the decision had already been affirmed.

He also criticized the litany of Western economicsanctions imposed on Russia. He said, “I believe that the restoration ofnormal relations between partners in the International Space Station and other joint projects ispossible only with the complete and unconditional lifting of illegal sanctions.” Rogozin added in his Telegram message thatthe war, which Putin called a “special military operation,” had gone “far beyond its originalmeaning and geography,” and called it “a war for the truth and the right of Russia to existas a single and independent state.” Nuclear capabilities abound in Europe, andnuclear intentions can be hard to decipher. On one side, Ukraine’s attacker, Russia,has the largest stockpile of nuclear warheads.

In the world, including superiority in tacticalnuclear weapons designed for battlefield use. On the other side, Ukraine’s most powerfulstrategic partner, the United States, also has an extremely large and sophisticated nuclearstockpile. NATO partners France and the UK have theirown advanced nuclear capabilities; and NATO-sharing states Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands,and Turkey host US nuclear weapons on their territory. The risk of nuclear use stems from tensionsescalating between Russia, the US, and NATO, even as the latter try to resist being drawndirectly into the war. Although it is extremely unlikely the US orits NATO allies would set out to conduct a nuclear strike against Russia, it is possibleto imagine several scenarios that could lead.

Them to become entangled in the conflict,leading to unintended nuclear escalation. The most serious danger is that of misperception:the risk that action taken by the US or NATO in support of Ukraine is misinterpreted byRussia as a deliberate strategic provocation. This is not a far-fetched scenario given Russia’snuclear posture, which maintains nuclear forces on high alert and given the nuclear threatsmade by President Putin. It is obvious that Putin’s nuclear signalingis designed to deter the US and its allies from further intervention in Ukraine and economicmeasures that he may see as an existential threat. But escalation can also take on a momentumof its own, and because the margins are so thin – leaders have only a few minutes tomake decisions if they believe their countries.

Are under attack – the US and its allieswill have to tread extremely carefully in their response. But at least, Russia could begin dispersingintercontinental ballistic missiles from their bases and fitting them to long-range heavybombers, threatening the US, or move tactical warheads from their centralized storage facilitiesto their deployment location. Late October 2022, Russian Foreign MinisterSergei Lavrov announced that Moscow sees no point in maintaining diplomatic relationswith Western states writ large. Lavrov noted that Russia would like to focusits world diplomacy on countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, rather than workwith the West.

He said, “We will shift the ‘center ofgravity’ to countries that are ready to cooperate with us on equal and mutually beneficialterms and look for promising joint projects.”

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