Russell Brand and Tucker Carlson talk spirituality and popularity


Russell Brand has been an actor a comedian a podcast host for decades all of a sudden he's one of the most forceful voices for the truth in the English-speaking world he's also a deeply interesting person with a lot of insights about God amazingly Russell Brand we sat down with him for a long conversation a brand new.

Episode Tucker Carlson today here's a small part of it as much as I might enjoy the feeling of privilege and luxury and I'm certainly making no claims to be an ascetic I remember what reality is I remember that my Wellness is contingent upon spiritual connection upon certain values and.

Principles and they I am sorry to admit involves sacrifice and self-scrutiny about my own conduct and behavior which is often we often fall short and I'm working on improving myself I continue to work on improving myself so when I sort of hear morality sort of as bombast or when I hear rhetoric divorce from compassion it makes me feel uneasy so.

I've been blessed with a very practical spirituality like many desperate people I need spirituality I need God or I cannot COPE in this world I need to believe in the best in people I need to believe that there are new alliances possible new ways of us communicating because I see atrophying and corrupt systems delivering and get more misery.

To people and I think it's increasingly necessary that we find new ways of framing the conversation and looking into our hearts when we're speaking are we being kind are we being loving are we being the best that we can be on whose behalf are we speaking and what is my intention moment to moment am I doing this for self-glorification am I doing.

This because I have obligations to rumble the platform I'm on or am I doing this because I genuinely believe that a better world is possible and that world is born individually within each of us moment to moment and it's possible to change I genuinely believe in change and I'm not in my court a misanthrope I don't believe that we need systems of.

Condemnation I don't believe that if people aren't heavily policed and heavily controlled they'll behave badly I believe that we can self-organize I believe I'm optimistic about your country and I'm optimistic about mine and I'm optimistic about the world but I think the price of that optimism is a degree of reason and an acceptance that.

Many people see the world very very differently at this time and we're going to have to allow one another some distance to be who we are whether that's individually or community unally and these are the areas that interest me and these are the things that have always interested me the fact was I just didn't have enough self-discipline to resist.

The Allure of stardom and I fell face first into the glitter and I'm only just pulling myself out now but once I stopped drinking and taking drugs it became clear that there was a lot more on offer the ability to in fact as they say recovery the term recovery is undergirded by the idea that we recover the person we're intended to be and this.

Idea of intention I think is rather beautiful because when you live in a nihilistic post-rationalistic materialistic world where there can be no Telos where there can be no glory where there can't be no meaning none of us are meant to be anything but the idea that there might be a purpose for you that there might be something that you.

Can become this um I I found this I I did very engaging and very comforting and I've got to be honest it also engaged the raw more egoic and narcissistic aspects of me that I could achieve something in my life but as time has gone on there's been there's an ongoing tension between those things individual achievement and a sort of an.

Ongoing desire for recognition applaud is but a a deeper understanding that there is something valuable here on offer that we can achieve something and it's actually sort of quite humble irritatingly isn't it like that it's mostly about helping people directly my world view is formed by spiritual principles rather than political spin.

Principles but my values are derived from quite simple ideas around kindness Community acceptance gratitude and I'm making no claim to practice these principles anything like perfectly but at least I know what I'm aspiring to and I know that my spirituality is about my conduct and how I behave rather than telling other people how they should.

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