Right here’s your first explore at the 2023 Fats Bowl commercials


In between all the action on the field between the Chiefs and the Eagles not to mention on the stage at halftime with Rihanna there's another part of the Super Bowl that gets hundreds of millions of fans fired up the commercials big budget show-stopping ads are a big game staple often featuring bold-faced.

Names like Jack Harlow and Sir Elton John teaming up to Shield Doritos John Travolta in this T-Mobile spot tell me more tell me more and Alicia Silverstone bringing the 90s Nostalgia with a nod to her iconic role in Clueless for Rakuten I used to be pretty clueless about shopping the cost of a 30-second commercial in this year's Super Bowl a.

Record seven million dollars and how about this number 10 million that's how much is collectively on the line Sunday night in bonus bets for users of sports betting app FanDuel when former NFL great Rob Gronkowski attempts his kick of Destiny it's the first live Super Bowl commercial ever in its fanduel's first commercial in the Super Bowl the.

Whole project is the kick of Destiny and if I make a 25-yard kick live during a commercial in the third quarter FanDuel is giving out 10 million dollars in bonus bets to everyone that places a bet on their app for the Super Bowl so I'm going for it this is for America I visited Gronk at an undisclosed location outside Phoenix where he'll attempt that.

Kick live in front of Millions with Millions on the line on Sunday did you consult with any of your kicker friends from the NFL on what to do yes I did um Adam Vinatieri was actually there he shot the yeah he's a great one he's actually the best of all time and uh the one tip that he gave me that makes a lot of sense it actually kind of three tips.

Here in one is to keep the toe pointed and make sure I follow through all the way and also keep my head down okay so toe pointed follow through head down yes you seem to be enjoying retirement yes forever yes forever man forever speaking of second retirements your former teammate and future teammate as an analyst Tom Brady just went through his.

Second round and that's what he did he followed my footsteps and retired twice just like me so I appreciate that Tom uh he has uh Seven Super Bowl rings I only have four so at least we're tied with the amount of retirements we have watch Breaking News on YouTube subscribe to ABC7 Chicago Eyewitness News

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  2. To imply the halftime dispute fires any individual up is practically laughable..The artists are to this level eradicated from soccer..its admire staring at a bingo tournament..and its been that manner for decades now..Everybody i know turns the tv volume down and goes and restocks the fridge or runs out to win up more wings..Ridiculous and manner out of contact with accurate soccer followers..

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