Retired colonel reveals Russia’s formula in jap Ukraine


The U.S. And its western allies are pledging heavy tanks to Ukraine ahead of a potential Russian offensive in the spring. National security councils John Kirby laid out the timeline on Friday. >> Elaborate tanks will.

Probably get there from the Germans and from our European allies and partners. It will get there in relative short order. Probably in time to help them in the spring and summer. The American tanks, the Abrams will take a little bit more.

Time. It will take many months before they can get on the ground. >> Joining us now is CNN military analyst colonel Cedric Leighton. So, colonel Leighton, German leopard tanks could be there relatively soon.

As you heard there, though, from John Kirby, the Abrams tanks could take a while. Are they gonna get there too late? >> Well it really depends, Pamela, indeed, when you look at the difference, first of all, they have talked about 321.

Tanks, according to the Ukrainian ambassador to France being sent to Ukraine. So that is a large number. That is basically what the Ukrainians asked for. Last for around hundred foreigner tanks. They are getting what they.

Need. But let's take a look at the leopard tanks. So this is the jumper in leopard tank. Very capable tank, it has 120 millimeter cannon that is associated with. It just like the Abrams does.

Good armor. Can be used in a lot of different environments. Very removable. And it has a lot of firepower along with it. But it has less required training time than the Abrams tank does.

And the Abrams tank that you see right there, that is one that is extremely powerful. It is basically the top-of-the-line armor vehicle that the U.S. Uses for these kinds of purposes. I'll eat manoeuvrable, but it does require a lot of.

Maintenance and uses logistics in this case. >> And adviser to president zelenskyy says Ukraine is negotiating with western allies to access long range missiles and aircrafts. How would that help change the war, and do you see this.

Dynamic continue to play out where they get something and they say, okay, well here is what is next on Arlette wish list. >> There are a lot of different things to think eventually get. Take a look at the a tax system for a second full.

This is a system that has about hundred 90 mile range and it can really affect longer range areas. So it is considered a short-range system. But it is longer range enough that it would be, for example, go after crimean targets.

So if the Ukrainians want to go after crimea this is one thing that they would do there. Now, in the fire jet world this is an F 16 courtesy of the Danish airport. In this particular case, but what it can do is it can move around very maneuverability.

It is a top-of-the-line aircraft. Although it is almost 50 years old. First flight was about 49 years ago. These aircraft are really the mainstay or have been until recently, the mainstay of the.

U.S. Air force. And there is a real big part of the nato inventory and that is something, though, they would require a lot of training on. Anywhere depending on the experience of the pilot. Anywhere from three months, that is a real minimum, highly.

Unlikely. All the way to a year or more. So this training pipeline for all of these systems is going to be a very long one and a very tough one. >> Kim Jong-un's sister is weighing in on all of this, she is denouncing the western.

Decision to send tanks to Ukraine. She says that the people of North Korea will always stand with Russia. Quote, always stand in the same tranche as Russia. Where do you see the work going next?.

>> When it comes to the war that is going to be a really interesting thing. When you look at what you have here on the main map you have the possibility of the Russians coming in, not only from the east but from also potentially the south.

Going into these directions. That is what they want to do. So if you go to a more detailed map of the eastern front for example, the big fighting that you have around soledar, around Mahmoud. All of those areas here become, that because I'm's a symbol for.

What the Russians want to do. Now, Mahmoud by itself is not very strategically significant. However, it is on that main highway that goes this way. And if they can use that highway, that could eventually be a gateway for the Russians to move in to.

Ukrainian-controlled territory. But they are going to, in essence, try to work around a stalemate. The Ukrainians are trying to run the clock out and they are trying to make it so that they can fight the Russians. And at the very least keep them.

Here. But their real goal is to eliminate the Russians from this part right here, this so-called Atlanta bridge. That is where the Ukrainians want to move in the opposite

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