Restoration effort for unidentified object shot down off Alaska fly


The Pentagon working to recover debris and solveunanswered questions after a U.S fighter jet shot down a flying object for the second time in a weekPresident Biden ordered the military to take down the unidentified object hovering over the remoteand Frozen northern coast of Alaska on Friday the White House says the object posed a reasonablethreat to the safety of Civilian flights but the device's origin remains unknown this morning thetwin downings have led to heightened concerns over China's vast surveillance program and lawmakersare still pressing the Biden Administration for answers on the military's response Christinaraffini is at the White House with the very latest Christina good morning good morningMichelle the White House says President Biden ordered this latest shoot down on the advice ofthe Pentagon and out of an abundance of caution.

But they're still not sure exactly whatthis object was and if it posed a threat we're calling this an object because that'sthe best description we have right now the unidentified floating object roughly the sizeof a small car was shot down by fighter jets over the icy waters of Alaska the WhiteHouse says whatever it was was flying at a height of about forty thousand feet over thestate's northern coast and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of Civilian flight andit came in inside our territorial Waters those Waters right now are frozen but insideterritorial airspace and over territory Waters a recovery effort is now underway to retrievethe wreckage but it comes less than a week after the military shot down a massive Chinese spyballoon that floated over several States for.

Seven days before the military shot it down overthe Waters of South Carolina what is concerning um is that it was yet another unidentified objectviolating U.S sovereignty Alaska's senior senator Republican Lisa murkowski any aspect of U.SSovereign territory that is is encroached upon there's going to be consequences to it Alaska'sJunior Senator Republican Dan Sullivan says the latest incidents highlight the need for theU.S to invest in better detection systems whether the threat is a slow-moving balloonor an intercontinental ballistic missile our um Homeland defense needs an upgrade in allthose areas and I think this is a wake-up call but former Secretary of Defense Mark esper toldCBS the quick action might be evidence the U.S has already taken some of those steps maybe today'sdemonstration of uh closing the Gap and shooting.

Down this unidentified object is evidence of thatbut there's clearly work needs to be done in terms of addressing the Aerospace picture that we seestill he said it's too soon to know if this latest object really posed a threat this may end upbeing some type of weather balloon or scientific experiment or or climate research who knows butI think we need to withhold some judgment first and yesterday the treasury Department announcedexport controls on six Chinese companies they say are involved in manufacturing or manufacturingthe parts for these type of surveillance balloons and the U.S says these balloons have beenfloated over 40 countries around the world guys all right Christina thank you

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