Rallies against Atlanta police practicing facility after protestor killed, Georgia direct trooper shot


Man is dead and a State Trooper is in the ICU after a shootout at a planned police training facility good evening I'm Christine Spiro law enforcement conducted a sweep of the woods where the group opposed to the so-called cop City have camped out for months news head reporter Christopher King joins us live with the story in Christopher tensions.

Have steadily increased for a while now that's right Christine and those tensions erupted into violence I want you to take a look over here this is the entrance to entrenchment Creek Park it's one of the flash points in the fight over cop city law enforcement raided this site and that confrontation turned deadly.

Law enforcement on Wednesday morning swarmed in trenchman Creek Park they cleared protesters they say illegally camped out in the woods on the site of a planned training center for Atlanta police then the confrontation turned violent someone on the property as law enforcement came into view initiated fire on the law enforcement.

Entities and they returned fire the gbi says a trooper shot in the abdomen as officers entered the park they fired back at the suspected gunman he died at the scene law enforcement can't stand by while serious criminal acts are being committed they jeopardize the safety of the citizens were sworn to protect the trooper recovering at the hospital after.

Undergoing surgery Wednesday's conflict comes after more than a year of tension between police and protesters over a 90 million dollar Center protesters call cop City police defend the forest officers on Wednesday detained at least four other people including this man it isn't clear if any of them are charged in connection with the shooting they.

Claim officers attack them yeah many protesters have camped out for months in the woods they call wilani they say they peacefully oppose expansion of a police state into the forest there's a difference between protests and what's happening there but.

The gbi says at least some of them are violent the gbi accuses protesters of attacking police firefighters and neighbors of nearby communities arson attacking citizens uh shooting police officers using explosives beating people up then burning their car down and state patrol says the trooper is in stable condition now as for the.

Suspected shooter they are not releasing his name just yet until his next of kin is notified live in DeKalb County Christopher King Fox 5 News all right thanks for the update there Christopher supporters of the the defend the Atlanta Forest movement gathered in the rain to mourn the man killed by Troopers Fox 5 anchor Courtney Brian is at the live.

Desk and Courtney things quickly took a turn earlier tonight that's right Christine the group met in Little Five Points to honor one of their own killed today they soon took over the streets blocking traffic along Moreland Avenue and Euclid Avenue the group calls themselves Forest.

Defenders they oppose not only the plans for the police training facility but also the loss of 300 acres of forest in the city of Atlanta on their Twitter page the group says several other vigils were held in solidarity in New York City and Portland Oregon they have long contended police are slandering them by accusing them of being violent.

Trespassers they blame the government for escalating the situation to now deadly circumstances the group's message is clear they say they won't stop until the cop city project is canceled the facility expected to cost about 90 million dollars the Atlanta police fund plans to build on 85 Acres then preserve the 265 remaining Acres as a green space.

Christine all right Courtney thanks for the very latest from that well as we've reported the site has long been a source of contention between activists and law enforcement we have a timeline of other criminal incidents over the past year and as well as details about the planned site inside the Fox 5 News app

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  1. Antifa? No? That’s actual, they don’t exist I thought. These guys weren’t even from Georgia. Even tho they’ve flags, web sites, and are loosely “organized”…….. na, appropriate a thought. In the meantime in Georgia……..

  2. IDK how these folks wind up in the identical rental. Need to you don't wish to stay in a police forest camp, there's many of forests available. Then all over again, I've frolicked with hippies in the forest, and Inform Police officers and drones showed up for 3 days straight for luxuriate in 20 stoners tenting on Inform Land. All facets are standing up for what they imagine in, and getting shot. Nope.

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