Questions swirl over how wide Chinese look balloon slipped by US officers


A Fox News Alert now a U.S official telling Fox that the gang of eight has been briefed on that Chinese surveillance balloon hovering your critical U.S military sites former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam joins us now with the latest good morning to you so so far we know the balloon has been floating in the area above monstrum Air.

Force Base in Montana higher than commercial air traffic and it's the size of three buses and includes a technology Bay you know how how did U.S officials not catch this well I think that's the question out of all this I'm I'm not really worried about whether or not they have the ability to jam this thing uh and the its.

Ability to capture whatever it's looking for but how did it get over the United States I mean we we can look at golf balls and see the dimples on golf balls from satellites we can track uh meteorites moving at 50 000 miles per hour into the United States but we don't have the ability to see a balloon that's moving slower than an airplane towards.

The United States before it even gets here and it really makes you question what is NORAD the CIA the NSA all these people that we believe are able to look and see these things space command this brand new space command why couldn't they have caught this because this is a national security blunder it's not the first time admittedly that they're.

Saying that this has happened so how does it happen again that's the question it needs to be asked right now and I think this all goes to the overarching concern raised by you and Ashley that if our enemies can get a very slow moving balloon with a lot of other stuff attached to it over U.S airspace then can't they get a really fast nuke over.

U.S airspace to me that's the main issue they've got to answer that question but my question for you Jonathan are you buying this notion from the Department of Defense that the reason they can't shoot it down is because of concern that the debris feel that it would create could potentially harm people well first of all this thing like I.

Actually said is as big as a bus right so it's not like it was a small little thing and and Todd they could drop a nuclear bomb from a balloon just as easy as they could from a fast-moving plane so I don't know if anybody's even considered that yet but uh it seems like if this thing if it's hovering and they shoot it down it's probably going to.

Fall pretty straight down to the Earth and uh and I don't know how vast this area where it's above but I'm pretty sure that they would be able to track and kind of come up with a place that this may crash if it's just watering in one place and the fact that it they keep saying that it's over this airspace they've been saying that since yesterday.

That does cause me great concern because if they have the ability to control where that that hot air balloon goes from China then maybe it's not being blocked uh from seeing what it wants to see interesting and I absolutely think Americans have every single right to ask questions and be incredibly concerned especially when it comes to China and.

Our national security but we do have to get to this Hunter Biden's lawyers deny admitting laptop the laptop's existence and demand for criminal probe as the house oversight hearings into Joe Biden and his family they're going to start February 8th so they said in that 14-page letter that the laptop was weaponized against Hunter Biden but now.

They're saying oh no never mind we need investigations by the federal and state to look into these people who like Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon so what what is this on the lawyers I feel like the lawyers they should have known better than this right but how do they say that it's not Hunters but it but it should be looked.

At because it's very important I mean it's one or the other right because if we look at this from a legal standpoint and somebody put something on a computer that's abandoned and it has nothing to do with Hunter and it's made up and that gets leaked is that really against the law and if something is completely abandoned they try to get in touch with.

Them they don't even return the call is it is it illegal to copy what is National Security uh issues and give that to somebody who might do something with it that is has connections to the government uh what's happening right now is what does scare me a little bit when it comes to or I would say it concerns me with the Democrats because you have.

To remember Ashley all this is taking place inside the Beltway and that is owned by the left so they can say ridiculous things we can look back and say you know how could they even be bringing this up but the left has a way of making things stick at least a point where they cause great stress on people like Giuliani or others may not get him.

In trouble but it'll cause great stress and potentially cost him a tremendous amount of money that's what I fear and that is one of the frightening things about this the other is going to distract us from the underlying problem here which is Joe Biden Andy McCarthy saying this is a ridiculous legal letter but it is achieving its goal of.

Distracting from Joe Biden so we will leave it there Jonathan T Gilliam thank you sir have a great weekend thanks Jonathan YouTube thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis.

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