President Joe Biden scoffs Putin and vows to protect NATO | USA TODAY


You know, the B nine was founded in2015 after Russia attempted annexation of Crimea. Andtoday as we approach the, uh, one year anniversary ofRussia's further invasion, it's even more important thatwe continue to stand together. And I think this is proof ofthis, how strongly we feel. Over the past year with your countries,which comes around this table, providing collective leadership,we've also strengthened NATO, a commitment of the United States, thenato, and I've said it to you many times,.

I'll say it again, is absolutely clear. Article five is a sacredcommitment United States has made. We will defend literally everyinch of NATO, every inch of NATO. And uh, it's this an important moment. I look forward to the discussion andthe next steps we can take together and to keep our alliance strong. Andthe further deter aggression. Because what literally is astake is not just Ukraine, it's freedom. The idea that over a hundredthousand forces would invade another.

Country after war since World WarII, nothing like that has happened. Things have changed radically. We have to, we have to make sure we change them back.

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