Possibility from China to the US; ”If They Don’t Step On The Brakes, War is at The Door!”


Relations between the US and China are gettingworse the war on the territory of Ukraine is leading to strange relations between othercountries the biggest example of this is the deterioration of relations between China and theUS with the U.S giving full support to Ukraine and China being closer to the Russian side U.SChina relations are at a Breaking Point both countries are making statements that willincrease tension foreign minister Shin gang told the news conference on the sidelines of theannual parliament's meeting in Beijing that the U.S has been suppressing and continuing Chinarather than participating in Fair rule-based competition stating that the US claims that itwants to defeat China in competition but does not want conflict kin said but in fact whatthe U.S Colts competition is controlled and.

Separation they want to play a game whereonly one side wins if the US does not put on the brakes and continues to accelerate onwrong track no derailment can be avoided the two countries will definitely Pace each other andthere will be conflict kin said the United States perception and weaves of China are seriouslydistorted kin said it's regards China as its primary arrival and the most consequentialgeopolitical challenge this is like the first modern in the short being put wrong relationsbetween the two countries have remained strained for years over a number of issues including Taiwantrade and more recently the war in Ukraine to Ritual actual news fans and Revival worldwideplease don't forget to follow and like us

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3 thoughts on “Possibility from China to the US; ”If They Don’t Step On The Brakes, War is at The Door!”

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  2. This is Blaming to China and Putin China They Know Already Putin and China Ellegal Invaders in Ukraine Putin and China.Engege to Against Humanity Committed Global Crimes Humanity China.Contenue to Aid to Russia Brutal Battle of Putin On chronicle of Grasping Ambition Putin and China They Know Already Ukraine Independent Country The Large Sinners of China and Russia Putin Can no longer Veil Can no longer Run Can no longer Scape in a Sequence POwerful Punishment in Grand Holy Spirit of God Grand HOLINESS in Heaven and Earth๐ŸŒ

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