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That vehicle pulling off to the right here and it looks like the front right side of that vehicle could be damaged as well Alex and Marla well the reason through there too yeah look at that right on the rims we don't see motorcycle officers involved all that often in these Pursuits so that was kind of an interesting thing to see.

There as we now drive right near the coastline this is a familiar sight for anybody that's used to that area and and we're off and you see the numbered streets much like a lot of the beach towns have Pacific Coast Highway we went from 14th Street down to 10th Street First Street and now we're at Huntington Street here on PCH a very picturesque.

Area here of Southern California in Long Beach here and again it looks like the motor says this guy being pursued or gal we don't know the uh the gender of the individual being pursued at this time that is slowing down at the stop lights uh and uh and and not driving overly recklessly he did slide through on the far right shoulder there when he came.

Upon all of that traffic but again CHP pursuing this individual failure to yield the driver allegedly was going going too fast and they lit them up lit her up and they didn't pull over and their Pursuit was on and that's what we're seeing in the CHP the California Highway Patrol is still the lead agency and typically the CHP monitors all our.

Interstates our freeways but they will hop off and continue on if that infraction did occur on the freeway and we're just getting word that this officially was called in 32 minutes ago at 4 20. so it's not been going on as long as I had thought ahead of time but still nonetheless 30 minutes plus this Pursuit has been underway now that we're.

Picking speeds look at that Cruiser catching up seemingly going to try to make a move we'll see but again this is way too fast for an attempt in attempted pit maneuver this all started in Long Beach yeah now making their way to Huntington Beach this is a southbound PCH coming up on this busy intersection able to Breeze.

Through that one pretty simply there and it looks like they're almost trying to box them in or maybe try yeah here we go but he's going really quickly here but they can do it they can try it especially if there aren't any other vehicles but now a little cat Mouse here that vehicle is really picking up in speeds the individual being pursued 90.

Miles an hour you can see he hit the gas right there when he saw that CHP Cruiser getting up close to the the rear end of his vehicle there this is an undivided stretch I know this heading down south to go surf there are areas now you got the K wall which is good because that's a very dangerous stretch of PCH there are times where there are there is no.

Divider and if there's any type of a situation where that vehicle would Meander into oncoming traffic that could be really dangerous yeah and this is the area of people that are familiar with it you keep driving you're eventually you're going to hit the the Huntington Beach pier which is obviously a very busy area now we're.

Going the wrong way yeah this is what I'm talking about right there and uh crossing over that's a red light right there you see the police officer there on the bottom right that's right they are positioning themselves that's what they do they will position being that this guy or gal whoever is being pursued is staying the course on Pacific Coast.

Highway heading southbound out of Long Beach now into Huntington Beach towards Newport Beach being that they're staying on Pacific Coast Highway the jurisdiction of the California Highway Patrol is on any Highway they don't have to stay on the freeways they're the lead agency they're staying but they will call they'll make sure that Huntington.

Beach Police knows about this Newport Beach police knows about it and there will be that multi-agency situation yeah Alex and I were just noticing that the passenger side front window was rolled down now it's rolled up let's talk about what we know about the south expect or suspects inside which Alex we don't know a whole lot we don't know if they're.

Armed but as you know officials always assume that they're armed and the fact that the passenger side window went down like that you have to wonder if there's a passenger right here we go okay this would be the time to try it he slowed down a little bit there we say that that threshold is 35 miles per hour but we've seen it we've seen that pit maneuver.

Occur at speeds higher there we go trying to box them in there a little bit making a left turn let's see what they try to do yeah this this Cruiser is on him and they're aggressive very and but now you're going to see the driver take off again hit the gas just like we saw last time continuing Southbound on Pacific Coast Highway here through.

Orange County and all those Orange County agencies are aware of what's Happening Here and what they want to do is bring this pursuit to a safe ending to a safe conclusion without anybody any innocent pedestrian bicyclists or motorists out there getting injur here we go it's really a cat and mouse situation because it seems like that.

Sedan slows down a bit as well I mean when you think about a situation for a pit maneuver a lot of this is kind of perfect right pretty wide open area threading the needle there but now now that's going to be much harder to do so that's that that's a Toyota Camry I have tinted windows there four-door here we go maybe trying it right let's see wow.

And and I I'll tell you it does seem like the individual being pursued at this time kind of slows down and is sort of trying to play with these CHP officers here but then picks up once uh once it happens Balboa Boulevard Southbound on Pacific Coast Highway through Orange County moderate traffic at this time both sides of PCH this time.

Of day are typically on the moderate side Northbound side is usually a little bit heavier we are seeing that at the very top of your screen here so this crews are coming up on the side here and where it's divided where you have that island or that K wall which separates both North and South outside now getting on to uh to Costa Mesa Newport this is.

Newport Boulevard now let's see what happens here uh making making that tight on-ramp there and uh and now uh heading uh heading in a we say PCH is north and south down there but the the way that the coast winds here in Southern Cal whoa really picking up speeds there that was uh that.

Was a dangerous move there and that's what we're seeing here Alex and Marla is that at times the driver slows down a bit and is cautious there's that motorcyclist so the motorcyclist is there too and and as you mentioned uh Alex that we don't see that very often it does occur oh what's this guy trying to do here.

Trying to pull over to the right don't try to be a hero ever please let officers do their guys just trying to get out of the way yeah perhaps on any part of this that's possible that's very possible but this is a good teachable moment always that uh and it looks like it may have lost its bumper that's that's what it looks like that Camry.

Lost its bumper and unclear if that occurred during this Pursuit now in Costa Mesa City Limits so we're heading Northbound out of the Huntington Newport area and now we have a lot of traffic here and and this driver is agitated trying to get away we've seen we've seen the driver run a couple of Lights already driving at very high rates of.

Speed and that is the initial want on this driver that the CHP was tracking this driver High rates of speed lit him up didn't pull over for whatever reason and the pursuit was on and it's been on freeways and on surface streets now I'm curious the role of the motor Officer Rick or Alex of Rick if you know uh in covering all these Pursuits all these.

Years I've never seen a motor officer involved you know it's it's one of those situations that if they're in that place where the pursuit is occurring and they want to try again it looks like they're yeah okay we gotta look at the driver there uh I look like a male Newport Boulevard there made a right term onto 17th Street Costa Mesa.

Borders Newport Beach down there in Orange County and this is this is a busy area it's the five o'clock hour now we're approaching it within a minute or so and there's a lot of action on the roadways and this driver is doing whatever they can to evade police why do they run a lot of people ask Alex and Marla because they're not in custody yet.

Because there's still a chance that they could get away we've seen that happen on occasion but it's very rare the California Highway Patrol the lead Agency on this Pursuit covering it live here on Fox 11 for you we got our extreme nav up in Skyfox HD here covering this off for you in Orange County the weather we're watching those.

Santa Ana winds and Orange County has been hit hard so the aerial uh law enforcement helicopters as well as Skyfox being buffeted by those winds at times but the roadways are dry the visibility is good but that doesn't matter because this driver is still creating a major dangerous Hazard across Newport Beach and Costa Mesa and this is.

This is speculation but an educated guess it would not be surprising if this was not this driver's first instance with the law uh that that that they so if you're just joining us the time is now five o'clock and we're officially in the uh five o'clock news here on Fox 11. I'm Alex Michelson and I'm Marlin Taylor is here tonight.

For Christine Devine and we're working in the parking lot here oh yes made a left on 17th street now doing a 180 or now he's going to turn around you guys going to boxed in or they're gonna try to box them in and uh whoa and Bam away he goes okay well now I'm gonna double down on my prediction that this is not the first time it's.

Because aggressive is not just a speeding incident too there may be more involved look at this agitated Club could be once you're right uh Alex there's there's a lot more going on here so we're looking at this all happening in in one of the nicer uh communities in Southern California uh the expensive communities of Newport Beach and Costa.

Mesa usually pretty quiet pretty safe aren't used to things like this but we are looking at a busy and dangerous situation here this driver who has weaved through traffic at time gone the wrong direction at times I've been desperate to get away the most desperate move Marla is what we just saw a few seconds ago uh and so far they have not.

Been able to stop this person not been able to pit this person even though it looks like they've tried yeah so currently East 17th Street and Fullerton Avenue the starting in the city of Long Beach and then that was on Pacific Coast Highway PCH moved into Huntington Beach now we are in the Costa Mesa area we have a motor officer involved in this.

One CHP the lead agency this was all picked up in Long Beach for failing to stop and really the wand is speed this driver speeding we've gotten a look at the driver Rick and it doesn't appear that there is anyone else in the vehicle but that's just from this vantage point there very well could be and always officers always assume that the suspect.

Is armed Rick and I look and you're absolutely right and we've seen uh just recently a tragic situation in Riverside County where it was a quote routine traffic spot stop but no traffic stop is routine and that was because of some sort of vehicle violation and that is where that Riverside County Deputy lost their life but here we have a lot of.

Support it looks like that with this Camry it does appear that both perhaps the back bumper and the front bumper off the vehicle you see that in the front right there whoa it's missing something and on the back as well unclear again if that damage occurred during the pursuit uh we picked this Pursuit up about 15 minutes ago still moving through the.

Costa Mesa area bordering can have speeds here our extreme nav system is always for you and you can see how fast this vehicle is going this individual who's being pursued by the California Highway Patrol now we're getting on the 55 freeway the Double Nickel there down by John Wayne Airport.

Here in Orange County heading Northbound up towards what would be the 405 freeway so lots of options a wide open freeway a Runway there so to speak that this driver is trying to evade the California Ohio Patrol again just a simple failure to yield high speeds didn't pull over now he's ripping down the 55 freeway at 100 miles an hour endangering everybody.

On that freeway yeah this looks like a NASCAR race and it's quite something Marla how wide open this freeway is at five o'clock at night as well yeah a lot a lot different than on those surface streets and so that's right when we see look at 110 miles per hour just as Rick said ripping through the 55 South right now and now we talk about.

Strategy and this completely changes everything because obviously a pit maneuver is not an option spike strips are but that's when it comes to strategizing to get ahead of the driver Rick and I know you have something to say no just to put this into perspective of the location so it's the 55 North coming out of Costa Mesa and Newport.

Beach you'll be hitting the 73 toll road that would be an option I am seeing a little bit more in the way of traffic on the 55 North as you approach the 405 by South Coast Plaza here we go making an exit on the 55. there's the 405 option I just spoke of so we'll see what happens here is he willing to pay the toll there you go unlikely uh and it's the fastest.

Way to go and we talk about we talk about all of those infractions as we vehicle infractions the initial speed all the lights that he ran through yes the California Highway Patrol can log all of those keep track of them and list all of those once they do and hopefully they will bring this guy into custody without anybody else if anybody was.

Harmed during this Pursuit because we do see some damage unclear no confirmation that the front and back bumper were lost during this Pursuit but that vehicle does not look like it's in good shape and in terms of the front or back but it's it has not been compromised in terms of its ability to move because we've seen it move in excess of 100.

Miles an hour thanks to our extreme nav system took the 73 there you go Alex he's on the toll road there so in addition to the red light issues they'll have to deal with the tolls later on there you go that's right he's going to be lit up by Those sensors as he passes Underneath Him 73 here uh making uh making his way uh or her away it.

Appeared that it was a male from uh from our Vantage Point here this is down Year John Wayne airport near the South Coast Plaza here in the heart of Orange County behind the orange curtain as they as they like to say in the past here and again this is just the CHP attempting to pull this driver over for a high rates of speed didn't pull over and the.

Pursuit was on here 405 freeway now so from the 73 on to the 405 into the carpool lanes there there are a lot of carpool lanes we'll see if that's the the route he chooses to take and we're assuming it is a male unclear uh if there's there's another a new CHP unit that is trailing that's an Orange County unit there from the California Ohio.

Patrol we were in LA county when this Pursuit started Alex and Marlo yeah so when this uh Pursuit was called in that was almost an hour ago at 4 20 in the city of Long Beach on PCH on the picturesque PCH as Alex pointed out and then now driver took us through Huntington Beach and now here we are from South Coast Drive South Coast Drive.

South Coast Plaza you all know at that uh that that mall one of the uh most popular malls down there in Orange County right off the 405 freeway lots of traffic needling their way through here they've got good taste in terms of locations yeah instead of the more beautiful spots in Southern California we're getting a tour of right now as we.

Approach sunset here in Southern California but look at this desperation yep and those vehicles are doing exactly what they should be slowly pull over to the right if you can safely don't try to be a hero don't try to box the vehicle in in any way you don't know what you're dealing with this individual you have to assume armed obviously not in a good.

Frame of mind could be under the influence running from the police here doing whatever they can to get away from the police front and back end damage to this vehicle unclear again if that's the result of this Pursuit if it happened earlier before we picked it up but uh bottom line is this driver is driving recklessly here down in Orange County.

Exiting the freeway Harbor Boulevard was the exit there from the 405 freeway I'm looking because on various angles I was seeing if it was paper plates on this vehicle yeah good point because they did appear to have that that white uh border there it's it's possible we'll see again it's a four-door Camry and right across this.

Intersection red light red light right there you can see because all the traffic in the direction that they were headed was halted there Harbor Boulevard here continuing on South Harbor Boulevard a wide open Street here now making a hard left a 180 yeah and made that tight oh tried the pit over there just missed he hit him he.

Got him yeah it didn't work but that was a good time to do it especially when he was making that hard 180 there yeah and we saw for those just joining us perhaps we've seen some aggressive uh Pursuit driving here we go we're going to try it again it looks like he's here we go this guy's gonna go hey we're done here we're done there we go and and.

We got him we pitted him here but is the vehicle it's very dangerous here so we can't do a little you know turn around here now this is where it gets dangerous these officers are giving this motorist clear instructions this is very important as we watch this law enforcement helicopter down in the dirt.

There at about four or five hundred feet K-9 unit on the scene there as well which is great those are officers that dog is an officer that is trained that puts themselves into danger just like the officers do now what's happening here they're giving the driver clear instructions to get out hands up it looks like we're seeing some hands it.

Looks like perhaps we're seeing some hands there through the windshield we we've seen this before though where the driver has literally driven off yeah oh yeah back up and it looks like they go in reverse they could just a little back up into that little driveway there and then another right turn Okay looks like they are oh they are Yep they're.

They're going to abide by the police's uh in the California highway patrols command here and hands out hands clearly visible standing by there's the left hand this guy does not work and it is a male as we suspected doing what they're told here and then they'll be told to lay.

Flat on the flat on the pavement looks like this seat belt still kind of strapped around his left arm there so he's trying to free himself from the obviously from there it's doing exactly what he's been told walk backwards canine is is very agitated there and down on his knees flat and then the.

Lead officer will come up we'll Pat Uh this individual down make sure that they are they do not have any weapons on them and we'll take them into custody then what we'll see is they'll clear that vehicle and just make sure that there's nobody else inside that vehicle all right suspect in custody cuffed.

Thankfully uh again it's unclear Alex and Marley if there was anybody hit or hurt during this it clearly looks like the front end damage uh on that vehicle that Camry there is front end damage perhaps a lost Bumper in the front and in the back there and that was if I'm not mistaken the Orange County vehicle that did that successful pit maneuver.

Very aggressive yeah that was the white the white unit there that uh the all-white CHP unit okay so they're doing as you said Rick and they're uh clearing the vehicle or making sure that there's no one else all right Andrew Kraft back here with live now from Fox um so quite an exciting uh end there.

That pit maneuver that unmarked Cruiser taking out that Toyota Camry that led police on quite a lengthy Pursuit there uh there in Orange County uh this was all over that driver failing to yield but thankfully safely now in custody remember viewer discretion is all always advised during those police chases we thank our team at Fox 11 in Los Angeles.

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