Piers Morgan confronts George Santos in TV interview


George Santos likes TV cameras, even when he knows he'll be asked to explain his litany of lies. Tonight, in an hourlong interview with Piers Morgan, Santos was confronted about some of those lies, starting with the one about graduating from college.

What's the simple explanation for why? Why would you lie about something like that? Expectation on society? The pressure couldn't afford it. I decided I wanted to run for office, although I had built a very credible business career, and I just didn't.

Have that part of my biography that I could not give any cause you don't think that you because, you know, I just went with it. I didn't. I mean, if you're going to make up a lie, are you thinking at all? I just think it was a stupid decision.

In my part. Very stupid decision that I regret every day. Hmm. So he has regret about it. Back with me. Mark McKinnon, John Berman, Natasha Alford, and Harry Litman. John, you lie about going to Harvard. What.

Just because I was my roommate? You think so? We totally were always out team together. You think so? You're going to. Are you annoyed with me? For playing more George Santos? Are you one of the people who's like, why are we giving this guy airtime? Look, it's fascinating.

No, but I think so, too. I think it's fascinating. Mesmerizing in some way. But he's like a lying liar who lies. And I get that. I don't know what he could have said here. That would have changed anyone's view of him.

That's not to say, though, that I didn't find it interesting watching him try to weave this web. Well, we had a really unique new defense today in this interview, which is well, I got away with it before. That was that was that was bizarre. He said, you know,.

Why do you do it in 20, 22? I because I did in 20, 20. No one cares. That's interesting. And I'm a terrible liar. That's the news. Yeah. I've got a pretty good liar, actually. Prolific and this court all the time. So that makes him not a good liar. Yeah.

He's caught constantly. And so he'll say it's like emotion, right? Like it's society placed this pressure on me to go to college and I couldn't do it, so I just, I was forced to. It's so interesting.

How he's trying to play on emotions yet again. Another example of the, like, intentional manipulation. Oh, he's such a great foil for the Democrats to have him there. And the Republicans, you know, they have to keep defending him. Yeah, I mean, I agree with that.

But if we are becoming a little desensitized to it. But the reason that we keep playing is that it isn't it when you okay. His friends say that he's a pathological liar and you just don't mean is are a threat because you're a threat.

And his former roommate. So you just don't come into contact with a pathological liar that often. And when you do, it is a little mesmerizing. So here he is again. This is about lying about his mother having been in the.

World Trade Center on nine 11 I won't debate my mother's life as she's passed and 16 and I think it's it's quite insensitive for everybody to want to rehash my mother's legacy. Well, okay. But hang on.

Here's what I would say to that. They're only doing that because you put this on your campaign website. But specifically on the point is why nobody can find any evidence that your mother worked at the World Trade Center at all.

Ever could. You just got this wrong. I mean, are you telling me that I got wrong? What my mother told me, I don't know. Is it possible she misled you? I don't believe so. She she wasn't one to mislead me. Natasha oh,.

Alison, you're putting me in a hot seat here because I think that is, again, as you said, like the pathos of the ethos thing, like you're playing like now you're calling my mother a liar. Right. Right.

And again, it shows the skill and the regularity in which he does this. It's obviously, you know, really uncomfortable when you're talking about a personal relationship, someone who is not here, but if he did lie about that, again,.

How egregious, how insulting to families who did lose someone on nine 11. This is this is going to be hard to watch him in office continuing to do this reelection is going to be pretty nasty. I think he's audacious enough to run again.

I think he I think so. So now is I think he's announcing that he is I think there's going to be a criminal referral here of some kind that on his tax known for the fundraising schemes or something that's going to get him.

And get him out of there. Well, I totally agree with you. And he's got seven different prosecutors offices investigating that, right? Seven. Yeah. But what's so fascinating to me, I think that really is the word. They are separate tracks.

He could get convicted. He could be in jail. That doesn't get him out of Congress. Somebody ran for president in 1920 from Jay-Z. Yeah. So it would have to be a political solution only if two thirds actually vote him out.

But I do think at that point that would give him the McCarthy who, by the way, seems to have known about some of this, at least that's been the reporting says to him, you know, it's time to go.

Well I guess this is a little bit different because his constituents seem disgusted with him or they he perceived do they're embarrassed. Yes. You know there are Trump supporters who listen to his lies and believe them somehow.

George sentences constituents are the old the Democratic leaning district that that he was remarkable that he wanted this time to begin with. It's hard to see how that fluke would happen again. It's hard to see how the Republicans would allow him to be nominated again.

If he if he does end up in quarters he defend himself with his law degree, though, right? I mean, you know, from age race, it's a little glitter, right? Okay. Here's here's another example. This is where he is confronted about saying that his grandparents were in the Holocaust.

In that he be Jewish This is the one that I'll battle to my grave, to the point that I've already ordered those DNA test kits. And I've done four of them so far. And I'm just waiting for their returns. And I'm very curious.

To share those with everybody because I grew up with with the story was my grandfather was born in Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union, migrated to Belgium. My grandmother in the fort in 1940 or 1941, they fled to Brazil where they falsified a lot of their documents to claim.

They were born there. Now look, we're talking about a time in history where this was a very common occurrence in the name of survival Okay. He's waiting for the DNA was going to get the DNA results when we get Donald Trump's.

Audits on his tax returns. Which, by the way, George Sanchez will do, he will do the on and in this case, tell us a story that we can't verify. Right. Because you're saying that, you know, the information was changed, it was common.

There's nothing we can do about it. We'll never know. The truth will tell All right. Well, Mark, this seems like a good segue way to the circus. So tell us about what we need to know about this season. Well, never lack of material.

You know, when we first got the assignment, I thought there be weeks where we just wouldn't have enough. I had over 100 episodes. Now we're on to start our eighth season Sunday night. And every week is, what are we going to cut?.

What are we going to cut? And four days ago, we didn't know where we're going to be. And now John Heilemann is in Poland with the president. So, you know, it's it's great having a front row seat because it is the greatest political show on earth, American power.

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