Philadelphia’s zombie drug ‘tranq’ already in NYC


Begin tonight with a pixel 11 News exclusive a visit by our TV crew to a section of Philadelphia where thousands of people kill over like zombies addicted to a drug that's meant for Animals yeah street name is tranq and federal agents told us the drug has already made its way to New York City it's mixed in the Fentanyl and the.

Heroin Supply it's eating away at people's skin Mary Murphy joins us now the preview of our special report at 10 pm Mary hi Grand tamsing you know my colleague John Frazee and I have been in the news business for 40 years and we've never seen anything like this people on the verge of losing their legs or arms.

Because this animal tranquilizer called xylazine or tranq is infecting their bones they're now peeled over as you said on sidewalks along Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia because they're being heavily sedated by tranq which is mixed in with highly addictive Fentanyl and harrowing fentanyl may be driving the Fatal overdose rates in the United.

States but trank is leading to amputations because the people can't stop using it and it's boring into their muscles and bones next thing you know you wake up with these biggest holes all over you these sores in your legs and go wherever they just pop out of anywhere have the doctors told you that you could lose.

Your leg yes and that's not enough to get you to stop trying it's a lot easier so here so you could lose your hands because of the trunk yeah I mean there's possibility yeah it's a possibility a lot of my friends have lost their moments already you have problems on.

Your legs I did man I had like a hole in my I had to hold my chin it was a whole minute I got in bed one night man and I was like washing my leg and I could literally put two fingers in there foreign of the drugs that were lab tested in Philadelphia and it's already here in the city possibly in 25 of the narcotic.

Supply in New York City tonight at 10 we will look at whether the Drug Enforcement Administration has any control over tranq which is moving across the Northeast to the Southern United States and Out West Thompson and Quarry

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