Outrage and space develop after practice derails in Ohio


It's been 12 days since the fire derailment of a train carrying hazardous chemicals through East Palestine Ohio and the plan burned to prevent a potentially catastrophic explosion residents worry about what's still in the air Soil and Water of their rural community don't tell me it's safe something's going on at the fish are.

Floating in the correct Ohio officials confirming some 3 500 fish died in local Waters in the days after the derailment but insist extensive testing shows there's no threat to other Wildlife or humans they say there's only anecdotal evidence of residents getting sick and no confirmed connection to the Hazardous chemicals aboard the train I definitely.

Have a right to know what was on that train Still For the First Time State officials suggested residents returning to the evacuation Zone use bottled water especially if they have a private well while testing continues the governor was asked if he would return home if he lived near the crash site I think that I would be drinking the bottled water I.

Would be alert and and concerned but I would probably be back in my house an answer leaving some residents with mixed emotions I feel about 80 safe Ben Ratner and his family live half a mile from the crash site their kids are back in school after being out for a week it sounds like you're still worried I think more so worried for the long.

Term residents have filed multiple class action lawsuits seeking damages from the rail operator Norfolk Southern including free health monitoring and screening the company says it has already paid residents more than a million dollars in assistance and that it's committed to cleaning up any contamination all right.

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  1. within the event that they know what they are doing they are going to be silly dozens of wells to make a cone of depression and semi saturate the land about 100 meters from the threshold of the unhealthy predicament. Dump random hundreds of ceramic beads and carbon into creeks ditches and loads others..This could occasionally take in most contamination and sweeten the waters.

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