One more unidentified object shot down over North The US


Right now for the third time in a week an unidentified object has been detected in the sky over North America and shot down this time it happened today high over Northern Canada it follows two similar incidents over U.S territory and as CBS 2's Christian Benavides reports both U.S and Canadian Forces are trying to analyze wreckage as they deal with.

Frigid temperatures U.S officials say President Biden gave the order for an F-22 military fighter jet to shoot down the unknown object flying over Alaska's icy northern coast success but as investigators work this weekend to gather more information the object's origin and purpose remains a mystery we do not know who owns it.

Whether it's a whether it's state-owned or or corporate owned or privately owned we just don't know White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the device described as about the size of a small car was flying at some forty thousand feet and presented a reasonable threat to the safety of Civilian flights last Saturday Air Force.

Fighter jets downed the much larger suspected Chinese spy balloon of South Carolina's Coast after it crossed the continental United States what is concerning um is that it was yet another unidentified object violating U.S sovereignty Republican Alaska.

Governor Mike Don Levy says the Chinese balloon should have been taken down much sooner in a statement he says there is very little margin for error Russian territory is only a few miles away we are the one state closest to the Korean Peninsula and China Alaska is truly on the front lines Christian Benavides CBS News the Pentagon says recovery is.

Happening in a mix of ice and snow the U.S Northern command and the Alaska National Guard are working together to respond

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