Ohio put collectively derailment prompts managed release of chemical compounds on board


Tonight emergency crews desperately trying to get control of a potentially deadly situation with a controlled detonation for three days warning residents the burning wreckage of a freight train could explode sending shrapnel and toxic fumes a mile in every direction over a rural Ohio community kind of crazy for a small town like this.

Thousands of residents under a mandatory evacuation order police going door to door threatening families with children with arrest if they don't leave police car came up and said evacuate evacuate evacuate now get out get out Friday night as many as 50 of the trains 150 cars derailed in route from Illinois to Pennsylvania today the response focused.

On five cars carrying hundreds of thousands of pounds of vinyl chloride used to make PVC pipes and vehicle Upholstery and also linked to increased risk of cancer according to the CDC this is a matter of life and death this controlled release will actually take place and you are in imminent danger a fish officials again warning residents.

To stay away as they use small explosives to blow holes in the train cars hoping the hazardous material will seep into ditches where it can be burned safely away we want to be able to control that situation that's the safest way is to control the situation and that's with this operation we're going to take this afternoon.

Railroad officials declaring that operation a success apparently ease this community as residents await word that it is safe to go back home thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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