Officers: US jet shoots down unknown object flying off Alaska flit


The time today breaking news from Alaska the White House says another high altitude object has been shot down the Pentagon says that object was flying at forty thousand feet but they say it wasn't as sophisticated as the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down off South Carolina our DC bureau chief Ben kennedy is live at the White House where we are.

Now getting reaction from the president Ben calvinical the White House said this object did pose a threat they had been tracking it since last night at an F-22 shot it down at 145 this afternoon yes the president absolutely was involved in this decision he ordered it ordered Downing another high altitude.

Object this time over Alaska do you have anything to say about the object shot down over Alaska Mr President Pilots got a close look at the unknown flying object Friday afternoon and determined it was unmanned traveling forty thousand feet which did pose a threat to air traffic in the area civilian aircraft operate you know at a.

Variety of ranges up to 40 to 45 000 feet so again there was a reasonable concern that this could present a present a threat to or a potential Hazard to civilian air traffic it comes after a Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast as South Carolina last weekend investigators now concluding that China's balloons seen.

Over the country's Midwest was used for intelligent surveillance saying it was equipped with multiple antennas that are capable of collecting Communications that refutes China's claim that it was a civilian weather balloon that had simply straight off course the Pentagon did acknowledge that it took longer than people may have wanted for that balloon.

To be shot down but they wanted to wait until it was over open water so civilians did not get hurt from debris on the ground and today's object did have an unknown origin it is not clear exactly who owns it it was shot down over ice so it will be quite frankly easier to recover Calvin Nicole and Ben what are the.

Differences between this and the Chinese spy balloon from this weekend well Calvin first one of the big differences is the shape the object shot down is roughly the size of a car the Chinese spy balloon is three school buses so much larger also the object was flying at forty thousand feet in the air the China spy balloon was at sixty.

Thousand feet and we will of course learn more details once that object which again is not being called the balloon is recovered okay we are following closely thank you Ben

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