Ocean Springs named “Handiest Cramped Metropolis for Browsing” by USA On the modern time readers


That looks really nice and Ocean Springs actually made the 2023 USA Today 10 best Readers Choice travel Awards as the number one best small town for shopping and fifth for best small town for cultural scene joining us now to discuss what this means for a growing tourism in the community is Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce executive director Cynthia.

Sutton Cynthia thanks for joining us today Glenn this is wonderful I mean anytime you can get a mention especially a number one mention in USA Today that that has to help tourism exactly well I mean we're excited to have it you know it was kind of a neat award to get best small town for shopping in the U.S we kind of like to think that Ocean Springs.

Has its own outdoor shopping district so it means a lot for us in Ocean Springs and all of our small businesses yeah and then to get recognized in the for the cultural scene too that's a big part of Ocean Springs as well and then last year you were recognized by USA Today for best coastal right right yes best coastal small town so it's kind of neat.

To see USA Today We were voted best coastal small town in 2022 in 2023 we got best small town for shopping so it just kind of shows that Ocean Springs is a Little Gym of a tourist destination now I know you all do a little work getting the city behind this food though too right because this is like a People's Choice Awards yes it was kind.

Of neat you can vote you have to vote every day for four weeks and we were in some stiff competition I mean runner-up was New York so we had to go out there every day we got like every Saturday we were at our Fresh Market out there just passing out little Flyers just telling people how to vote they could vote every day leading up to the award so it took a.

Lot we we we dropped down there for a little while but we got out there and we just kept going and visiting with every business and any tourist we could grab to vote yeah and I think it'll make a difference I mean anytime anyone Googles and looks for best small town that's bound to pop up too right even if they had forgotten about it by.

Then exactly so it's a little Accolade and we kind of think that it kind of helps with um you know motor coaches and people putting tour itineraries together now they're you know they give a little extra thing for them to pay attention and you must be excited about the story David was just telling us too about the development coming to Front Beach.

Exactly in the works yeah just more growth Front Beach Front Beach has always been a beautiful area a quiet nice Beach and this isn't going to disturb it too much it's just going to enhance it and give people a little more opportunity to hang out on Front Beach so we're looking forward to that it looks beautiful in the video yes it's.

Going to be gorgeous it's going to be a gorgeous development all right well Cynthia Sutton from Ocean Springs Chamber this is exciting news

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