No much less than 7 dead in California’s 2nd mass taking pictures in 48 hours


Police say the hunt for the gunman came to an end just outside their front doors at a share of substation the 67 year old man suspected of killing at least seven taken into custody in the Sleepy coastal town of Half Moon Bay after being spotted by a deputy he saw the suspect inside of the vehicle laying there in the front seat and then also was able to.

See a weapon California's second mass shooting in 48 hours happened at two different agricultural locations just miles apart authorities say at the first scene just before 2 30 P.M Monday four were killed a fifth gunned down in critical condition minutes later the gunman driving down the road and allegedly taking three more lives the.

Sheriff saying the Bloodshed unfolding in front of families and children who live on the property I cannot imagine what the those kids witnessed today authorities have now identified the suspect as 67 year old Chun Li Zao the sheriff saying he worked at the mushroom farm where investigators believe he took the lives of co-workers people saw him.

There today and um it seemed like a normal day for everyone and then this tragedy happened two hours after the shooting the 67 year old was arrested this mass shooting rocking the state just two days after investigators say a 72 year old man killed 11 people in Southern California we're still reeling from one and I was there.

Consoling my colleagues who represent those areas next thing I know they're consoling me Governor Gavin Newsom was still in Los Angeles when he heard about the shooting in Northern California tweeting in part tragedy upon tragedy this morning another mass shooting and seven more lives lost it hurts our hearts are broken a sense of heartbreak.

That seems tragically routine yeah it sure does Miguel um we're learning more details now about the arrest what can you tell us police did recover a semi-automatic weapon that was in that suspect's vehicle they believe he acted alone but of course the big question this morning remains motive Hoda all right Miguel.

Almaguer for us Miguel thank you hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today show every weekday at 11 A.M Eastern 8 Pacific on our streaming Channel today all day to watch head to all day or click the link right here

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  1. Slightly ironic this always happens in a hiss and city that procure the most strict gun approved guidelines in The US.Whelp, who would've guessed; the person murdering other folks isn't into following approved guidelines 🤯

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