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Tonight the major announcement in the rust shooting investigation Alec Baldwin set to be charged with involuntary manslaughter the D.A saying the actor faces two criminal counts for his handling of the gun that killed cinematographer Helena Hutchins on set the movie's armorer also facing charges Baldwin's attorney calling the decision.

A terrible miscarriage of Justice our interview with the DEA what she says about Baldwin's claims that he didn't pull the trigger and just in President Biden breaking his silence on his classified documents controversy for the first time since a special counsel was named in the case what he told reporters today the winter storm moving East after.

Spreading misery across the country Millions on alert from Minnesota to Maine in the west president touring storm damage in California we've got the forecast ahead the U.S hitting its debt ceiling the treasury taking Extraordinary Measures as Congress braces for a Showdown the Supreme Court's investigation into who leaked.

The opinion overturning Roe v Wade what the court found in its new report the Urgent search for actor Julian Sands where he was last seen nearly a week ago this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening the world of movie making illusion became horribly real 15 months ago when mother and cinematographer.

Helena Hutchins was shot to death by a prop gun on the set of the western theme movie rust in New Mexico tonight the man who held the gun actor producer Alec Baldwin stands accused of involuntary manslaughter the Santa Fe County D.A announcing the office will file criminal charges against both Baldwin and the film's weapons Handler Hannah Gutierrez.

Reid the D.A declaring no one is above the law rejecting Baldwin's public claim that he did not pull the trigger Baldwin's attorney calling the decision a terrible miscarriage of Justice Gutierrez Reed's attorney also denying the charges Miguel almaguer is in New Mexico now with late details you were in the room when the lady.

With prosecutors calling his actions on the set of rest criminal disregard for safety Alec Baldwin now faces in voluntary manslaughter and a firearm enhancement charge for his role in the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins the District Attorney's bombshell announcement means if convicted on all charges the famed actor could face up to.

Six and a half years in prison the gun was in his hand when he pulled the trigger and that was the main action that killed Helena Hutchins prosecutors say Baldwin is culpable as both a producer and as the actor who held the gun that killed Hutchins I let go of the Hammer of the gun and the gun goes on authorities now say they do not believe.

Baldwin's statement the gun misfired Alec Baldwin said he never pulled the trigger on the handgun that fired do you believe that that's not true and we know that from the FBI lab report that gun would not have fired without the trigger having been pulled calling today's announcement a terrible miscarriage of Justice Baldwin's attorney says we will.

Fight these charges and we will win do you think someone should go to prison over all of the evidence you've reviewed ability and take accountability for what their actions or inactions LED to after sorting through a trove of evidence that included body camera footage police interviews and forensic testing of the gun the D.A is also charging the movie's.

Armorer Hannah Gutierrez read with involuntary manslaughter which her attorneys call the result of a very flawed investigation this was something that was more than mere negligence it was people acting recklessly people not doing their jobs violating all of the standards that we all have to follow if we have a gun in.

Our hands prosecutors say Dave Halls the assistant director who looked at the gun before it was given to Baldwin cut a plea deal with the D.A for a lesser charge getting probation after agreeing to testify against Baldwin and Gutierrez Reid he's going to testify to the truth he's not out to get anyone he's going to testify to the truth tonight a movie set.

Tragedy and now the real life consequences for the actor the armorer and the assistant director who authorities say should have all prevented the deadly shooting Miguel joining us now Miguel when will charges officially be filed and is there any reaction coming from Hutchins family tonight.

Well Lester Matthew Hutchins the victim's widower says he supports charges and that quote no one is above the law we expect those charges to be filed at the end of this month and we should footnote here Lester the D.A says she's still unclear how live rounds ever made it onto the set Lester all right Miguel Al McGuire tonight thank you and.

Just breaking this evening President Biden speaking out after days of Silence about his classified document controversy Peter Alexander is at the White House Peter what did he say lesser President Biden has been under Fire for a week for ignoring mounting questions about those documents tonight he is responding for the first time since his.

Special counsel was named to investigate his handling of classified materials that were found both at his former private office and at his Delaware home including inside his garage here's what the president had to say moments ago and uh we found a handful of documents were failed uh were filed in the wrong place we immediately turned them over to the.

Archives in the Justice Department we're fully cooperating looking forward to getting this resolved quickly I think you're going to find there's nothing there I have no regrets I'm following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do it's exactly what we're doing there's no there there still the White House tonight is not.

Answering several key questions including how many documents were found and why they waited two months to tell the public that they had discovered them Lester all right Peter Alexander thank you like maxing out on a credit card the country hit its debt limit today treasury secretary Janet Yellen announced Extraordinary Measures so the.

Government can pay its bills until Congress debates raising the debt limit later this year if they don't the country could default on its debts analysts warn that could be devastating for the economy more than eight months after that stunning leak of a draft of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade the court announced today.

That it was unable to determine who leaked the opinion investigators say they interviewed everyone with access to the draft focusing on law clerks and permanent employees checking their phones and browsing history but they say they came up short that powerful winter storm we've been tracking is bringing more dangerous conditions machines to.

Much of the country tonight Jesse Kirsch is following it down from Minneapolis and Jesse this is far from over yeah Lester the snow we're seeing here in the Twin Cities is part of the same storm that hit California days ago it's already swept across multiple States and tonight it's still trekking East the cross-country storm already.

Paralyzing Nebraska roads drivers stranded in whiteout conditions almost two feet of snow in some areas Colorado semi trucks piling up on treacherous highways this trailer ripped in half amid numerous crashes though thankfully no injuries have been reported meanwhile further south a tornado.

Ripping through Columbia County Arkansas tearing down power lines and tonight amid all that damage 12 million are still under winter alerts from the Midwest to New England because of the same storm that slammed California earlier this week and it's kind of wet sloppy stuff snow falling throughout the day in the Twin Cities this is the snow.

We were uh winter so far at least up to most snow I've seen in a while parts of Michigan saw more than a foot of snow closing some schools meanwhile President Joe Biden surveyed aftermath on the west coast with multiple storms causing floods and landslides that ravaged parts of California tonight some Americans recovering others bracing for what's to.

Come from a winter storm that isn't done yet Jesse Kirsch NBC News Minneapolis and let's bring in meteorologist Angie lastman Angie where's all this heading it continues East Western we're still seeing some of that snow draped across parts of the Great Lakes we still have the rain the heavy snow as well in parts of New England and that's what we're.

Going to watch for tomorrow tomorrow but the severe thunderstorm warning it or watch rather it's in effect until 7 pm tonight so we're watching for the impacts to remain to be hail damaging wind which we've already seen some reports of in parts of Indiana as well as a brief tornado or two that's in Ohio mainly as we look to tomorrow though.

There's those lingering showers this is secondary low develops and brings a mess of travel for the early morning hours you can see through Friday downwind of the lake Leicester we're going to be dealing with some snow it looks like those highest amounts are going to be in parts of Northern New England all right Angie thank you in Newport News Virginia.

The teacher who was allegedly shot by a six-year-old student has been released from the hospital as the boys family speaks out about it for the first time Kristen Dahlgren now with late details tonight for the first time the parents of the six-year-old boy accused of shooting his first grade teacher speaking out in a statement the family.

Calls it an unimaginable tragedy offering prayers for Abigail's Werner the teacher injured in the shooting and all those impacted adding our son suffers from an acute disability and was under a care plan at the school that included his mother or father attending school with him the week of the shooting was the first week we were not in class.

With him we will regret our absence on this day for the rest of our lives they go on to say the gun used by their son was secured our family has always been committed to responsible gun ownership and keeping Firearms out of the reach of children their statement says Newport News police say how the child obtained the gun is still an active part of the.

Investigation and while the parents explained their son is under hospital care NBC News has learned teacher Abigail's Werner is now out of the hospital continuing her recovery as an outpatient Werner was shot on January 6th when the boy allegedly brought a gun to school the teacher hailed as a hero forgetting all of her students out even.

After she was injured I believe that Miss zorner Abigail that she saved lives on Friday investigators say they are now finishing interviews with students who were in the classroom during the shooting that has left a community shaken Kristen Dahlgren NBC News a stunning announcement from New Zealand's prime minister celebrated.

Around the world for her accomplishments but now suddenly leaving office because she says it tired her out Andrea Mitchell has more tonight New Zealand's prime minister Jacinda ardern in a surprising and emotional announcement and so today I'm announcing that I will not be seeking re-election and leaving office eight months before.

The next election after going on six years of some big challenges I am human politicians are human we give all that we can for as long as we can and then it's time and for me it's time a Pioneer when elected the world's youngest head of government and only the second to give birth in office the first to go on.

Maternity leave to spend time with her newborn daughter later bringing her to the U.N there are plenty of women who carved a path and incrementally have led the way to be able to make it possible for people to look upon my time and Leadership and think yes I can do the job and be a mother prayers for Banning assault weapons when a white.

Gunman targeted two mosques and speaking out against anti-muslim hate they have chosen to make New Zealand their home in it is their home they are us and shutting down early when covid-19 hit getting cases down to zero though the aggressive lockdown later sparked a backlash jeopardizing her re-election through it all pushing back against.

Gender stereotypes a lot of people will be wondering are you two meeting just because you know you're similar in age and you know got a lot of you know Common stuff there because two women meet it's not simply because of their gender do you see this as a setback for this new generation of younger women leaders I actually see it as an.

Affirmation of this new generation of younger leaders she knows she's going to have many chapters in her life Arden hopes her Legacy will be that you can be kind but strong and know when it's time to go Andrea Mitchell NBC News Washington in 60 seconds the intense search for a well-known British actor the latest.

Person to go missing while hiking in the Southern California mountains an urgent search is underway in the Southern California mountains tonight for British actor Julian Sands who went hiking and has been missing for almost a week Dana Griffin has late details tonight search and rescue operations are underway in the San Gabriel Mountains.

For British actor Julian Sands who disappeared while hiking because of the risks of avalanche and the trail conditions in that area we had to pull our rescue crew members off the mountain on Saturday evening according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Sands was last seen Friday when he set off to Mount Baldy just Northeast of Los.

Angeles cell phone tracking pinpointed his location to a mountain trail but a search came up empty because of dangerous icy conditions rescue crews are now only surging from the air this is a very steep rugged snowy terrain Sans is not the only hiker to go missing over the last four weeks 14 rescue missions have been conducted two hikers.

Died after falling even the most skilled hiker like Mr Sands will find themselves in trouble the 65 year old actor known for his role in the 1985 oscar-nominated film A Room With a View you how are you now is an experienced hiker according to friends optimistic he'll return home safely we're just gonna hold on to the hope.

That he will emerge in the next couple of days tonight deputies are doing a separate search for another hiker who went missing in the same area but Lester adding to the difficulty here there is a chance for scattered snow showers tonight Lester all right Dana thank you coming up it's created by a machine using artificial intelligence millions.

Are using it but is it art that question next foreign it's one of the hottest Trends in technology artificial intelligence and the things that can create from school essays to storybooks to original looking art but as Jake Ward reports these new creative powers are raising a lot of new questions.

I bought this for 79 thinking it was the work of a talented artist but a robot made it AI software called mid-journey created by David holes it's one of several image rendering programs used by millions we're giving you this machine it can can kind of uh help you imagine anything you want his program learns the rough rules of art by scanning images on.

The internet type in a description of any picture you want like I want a blue dog in the style of art deco and boom how do you respond to the idea that this is somehow a counterfeit form of artistic expression well we're not really selling our we're just we have this community that's playing with this technology is something new is it not.

New I think we have a lot of social stuff already for dealing with that um like I mean the art like the art community already has issues with plagiarism I don't really want to be involved in that like I think I think you might be I might be the way he sees it holsen is 18 person team have built a way to augment creativity I showed my.

Piece to an art expert and be honest I'm being honest with you this definitely digitally created she says using Tech is fine as long as we're transparent about it the user should be warned if you still choose to buy it that's up to you now I've come to Seattle to talk to the man who made this Anthony Edwards trained as an art director showed me how.

Easy it is how about like vampire City impressionist watercolor couple holding hands whoa he says he doesn't sell pieces anymore right now he's using mid-journey to visualize hip-hop performers who died young as they would look if they'd lived to old age the Godlike power to commission any artist in history yeah.

That's the fun part then I showed him what I'd brought this is this oh yeah yeah is this art do we consider this art yeah yeah yeah and are you the artist yeah but he did not paint it he typed words into an app what responsibility do you think you have to say to someone like me hey you know what this was kicked out by a piece of AI on the one.

Hand I feel like I I do owe some uh and on the other hand I kind of feel like if you like it you'll like it David holdz admits he's not totally sure what he's even created you're gonna watch it develop over time there are some things we know and there are some things we don't know the challenging thing the interesting thing is how do we use it to.

Make people better Jake this brings us up all kinds of legal questions number one in this case who owns the images that AI is producing well listen this is the really complicated thing I mean the way this software works you cannot Trace from the renderings back to any one image in particular in court but in a new lawsuit against a similar piece of.

Software Getty Images says scanning images in its collection violates copyright quite likely those are the courts and art historians are going to have to figure this one out this is all mind-bending for me all right Jake thanks very much that's Nightly News for this Thursday thank you for watching everyone I'm Lester Holt please take.

Care of yourself and each other good night thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app

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