Newt Gingrich: This coverage is madness


Anyway here with reaction Fox News contributor former Speaker of the House New King Richard uh great to have you Mr Speaker so I know I speak for a lot of Americans I watched the wef I saw what happened in Davos uh I see the amount of money we pay for the U.N the wef the who.

We paid the vast majority of money for the Paris climate Accords China and India are classified as developing nations and they pay a fraction of what the U.S pays my question is why does the U.S continue to pay the bulk of monies for many organizations International that don't seem to like us very much well first of all a lot of the liberal.

Elites who favor paying the money don't like us very much either so if you were to ask people like John Kerry he's much closer to the international organization's disdained the United States than he is to people who think America is the most important country and that Americans ought to be taken care of I thought it was.

Symbolically perfect that at the time when East Palestine Ohio really needed attention uh President Biden was in Kiev giving away more money and proposing that the United States create a welfare state for ukrainians that we would pay for I mean this is the kind of policy that is madness I'm for defeating Putin I'm for helping the ukrainians.

Militarily but I am against the idea that we should pour endless cash out with no notion of what victory would be and with no notion of responsibility so uh I think if you want to get to a balanced budget one of the places you started is pretty simple Chinese economy is almost the size of the American economy.

Let's match the Chinese contributions they give 198 million we'll give 198 but that saves us about a billion here a billion there not big money but if you can save four or five ten billion dollars by not giving it away it is a step towards a balanced budget which is what I'm one of our major goals should be so the who we've given.

Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to and Joe Biden would agree if they go forward with this agreement he would agree to give over 20 of whatever pandemic whatever pandemic materials we have be it vaccines uh uh be it gloves be it Mass be whatever it happens to be at the time we give 20 percent to the world and.

Take it away from the American people shouldn't we take care of Americans first with American money before we pledge to share it with the rest of the world we'll share but we have to take care of Americans first why is that not a priority well because I think if you were a liberal Democrat uh you inherently.

Believe that the United States is not a good country you know Gene Kirkpatrick used to Ambassador Kirkpatrick you gave a great speech once describing the blame America First Democrats well what's happened is they've now become the weekend America First Democrats if you look at everything the Biden Administration is doing from the borders.

To releasing criminals uh to releasing terrorists to uh giving money to Iran uh again and again what's the number one pattern you weaken America weaken American energy increase the importance of Russian and Saudi energy and Venezuela I think you have to understand that from the standpoint of the left the United.

States is a bad country and so the left really does believe that you shouldn't stand for the national anthem you probably shouldn't say the Pledge of Allegiance you certain certainly shouldn't teach American history accurately because their vision is of a World in which the world submerges us that's part of why they love an open.

Border I mean if they can get another 20 30 40 million illegal immigrants they'd be thrilled yeah they would think that's terrific and every time we assimilate and get people to become Americans it just it terrifies the left Asian Americans now work very hard want to get ahead and guess what liberal School boards discriminate against Asian.

Americans because they do too well again this is the same pattern and what you've pointed out about International organizations I think would be good for the Congressional Republicans to go through inch by inch everything we're spending outside the U.S and decide is that really more important than a balanced budget is it really worth.

Burdening our children with that debt and if not quit spending it uh Mr Speaker great to have you thank you for being with us hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else

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  1. Someone else angry by the proven lies of Sean Hannity & the different speaking heads at Fox. I’ll bet some of those ‘correct feeble folks’ that bought charged for in sighting a insurrection Jan.6 are reasonably pissed they bought there news from Fox.

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