Newly chanced on Fauci emails voice COVID regarded potentially ‘engineered’


Unredacted records obtained by the nation and The Intercept reveal new details about the possible origins of covid the documents show the Great Links that Dr Anthony fauci and the National Institute Institutes of Health apparently went to to rule out the lab League Theory let's bring in Fox News medical contributor Dr Mark Siegel so.

The Intercept obtained unredacted email exchanges that involved Dr fauci and Dr Francis Collins the head of the NIH here's what The Intercept said in part quote the documents show that in the early days of the pandemic fauci and Collins took part in a series of email exchanges and telephone calls in which several leading virologists expressed.

Concern that SARS cov2 looked potentially quote engineered the participants also contemplated the possibility that laboratory activities had inadvertently led to the creation and release of the virus the conversations apparently dot conveyed an anxious urgency what more do we know about this.

You know John this is actually a surprise to me now Jimmy Tobias who wrote about this for the nation that's an ultra left publication so you can see that it's starting to raise eyebrows on both sides of the aisle that's number one number two I'm surprised about that email that I saw there from fauci who says basically what is this furring.

Cleavage site doing here and that cleavage site is what Dr Robert Redfield has raised all the questions about in other words it allows the virus to attach more easily to human cells and it is not usually found in a bad coronavirus what's it doing there what are some of the other sequences around doing there and there was a big stir.

Over this apparently internally and Christian Anderson from Scripps in La was involved in this now I've interviewed him as well on this and he said that over time looking at different versions and seeing the fully published version of the virus he was pretty sure that it came from nature but here's the point a narrative emerged from NIH and.

That narrative was this came from nature I have interviewed fauci multiple times from this I'm convinced he thinks it came from nature but the problem is that the other possibility was never given full air to breathe and as time has gone on John as you know they haven't found an intermediate creature which which is where it would go from a bad coronavirus.

Doesn't just go from a bad coronavirus to man and they've never answered the question about that furrying cleavage site one more Point Redfield says how did this virus suddenly spread asymptomatically to millions and millions of humans overnight and Peter polisi at Mount Sinai who's probably the world's best expert at this he paused.

When I asked him that he says it doesn't do that so yeah wet Market involved but lab looks pretty suspicious right now yeah you know some scientists were actively entertaining the idea that if it didn't come from a lab if it wasn't engineered maybe it did emerge from a lab somehow through animal animal experiment something called serial.

Passage which is a type of gain of function research some scientists thought that they'd found the answer when they noticed that pangolins these weird looking creatures that kind of look a little like armadillos with dragon armor on them were showing up with SARS cov2 but it didn't include that Farine cleavage site that you just.

Talked about but there did seem to be an effort here an all-out effort to disprove the lab leak Theory instead of science normally does saying well here's a possibility on this hand and here's the possibility on this hand and we don't really know which one is true it was kind of like well this one is worrisome enough but this one's really.

Scary so let's get rid of it before it gains any traction why would they do that well I can tell you why because they are committed to what's called an international Consortium of scientists and the law Obama was trying to actually push back on gain of function research and really was worried about it but.

Under the current law for emerging for enhanced potential pandemic pathogens as long as it's under strict supervision you can do it the problem is how much of a strict supervision do we have in the Netherlands how much do we have in China and by the way how much do we even have in North Carolina where this work is going on so I don't think the NIH really.

Wants to admit that the genie got out of the bottle whether it caused this pandemic or not because it's going around on around the world you could be a scientist John in China but the but the Chinese Communist party is looking over your shoulder there yeah and it's certainly suppressing anything that you're doing in terms of sharing.

Information of what's really going on speaking to what's really going on are We doc ever going going to really know where this thing came from we should have had boots on the ground in China at the beginning I think even boots on the ground now would help I think we need what you just called for today open disclosure we might be able.

To figure this out if scientists admitted what was going on you know we should have a look inside these Labs we should know what's going on and one more thing a major journal a major study came out of Japan and the UK in the summer and basically said in the meantime you know we shouldn't be doing these experiments that probe and push viruses.

To see where they can go we can figure out treatments and vaccines without that I think a moratorium is called for while we figure this out but we still can figure this out all right let's hope we do doc always good to catch up with you thank you great to be on with you John thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to.

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