Murdaugh heckler elements menacing warning to son Buster outside courthouse


Foreign a Heckler directing a Sinister message at Buster murdaugh right there the surviving son of the convicted killer Alex murdaugh as questions surround His involvement alleged involvement in the death of a classmate in 2015. the body of Stephen Smith was found in the middle of the road not far from the Murdock.

Family hunting lodge where Maggie and Paul were murdered no charges were ever filed but that could change attorney Eric Bland hosts the cup of Justice podcast and also represented the sons of Murdoch's late housekeeper who died after falling in their home allegedly he joins us now Eric thanks for being here before this trial most people probably.

Knew nothing about this case about Buster you heard that Heckler there's been documentaries uh highlighting what went down what's your take on what could be next well good morning Pete thanks for having me um Buster's in a very difficult spot you know he's a true victim here as far as.

The murders of his mother and brother and you know he just lost his father essentially on Friday when he was sentenced to double life in prison but there's been a long uh rumored involvement somehow of a Myrtle whether it's him or somebody else in the family that has knowledge at least of the death of Stephen Smith Stephen was a gay young.

Man a well a good student was going to go to college wanted to be a nurse and he was found in the middle of a country road in Hampton County and they said well the highway department said he was hit by a car but there was no uh broken glass no car parts his clothes were intact his shoes were on and he had a you know a clear head trauma injury.

That looked like it was done um by someth ing other than a car and his death went um you know it was investigated initially but it was just in the car accident and when in 2021 when they opened the investigation the death of my client Gloria Satterfield they opened the death uh an investigation in the.

Death of Stephen Smith and that is ongoing and now that uh uh Buster's father Alex has been convicted there's a big cry in South Carolina to find out what actually happened to Stephen Smith Buster himself is going to have to come to grips with is my father capable of murdering my brother and mother at Jury said so and.

He's going to have to look at his future and future in this family well is there Eric is there any connection between a member of the Murdoch family and Stephen Smith where's that connection that connection was made by Sandy Smith the mother of Stephen who said that um Randolph murdaugh who is the brother with John Marvin and Alex he's an.

Attorney with the Old pmpd Law Firm he supposedly showed up on the accident scene and according this um Sandy Smith he she received a telephone call from him where he offered to represent her and she was very confused as to why she would need representation and that is really where uh we are with what.

The public knows about that supposed accident sled now has been investigating it for a solid two years and nothing has been released but now you heard on Friday the public is turning its attention back to that um what we consider to be a murder well as more details come out keep us.

Updated uh it just seems to be one of those things where a lot of bad things happen around this family uh and if you're feeling the onions you keep peeling it you find more it's incredible Eric Bland thank you very much for your time we appreciate it thank you for having me you

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