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We're learning more from the wreckage of the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down almost two weeks ago it's looking though like we may never know much about the other three objects downed at President Biden's order Fox's Jackie Heinrich explains payload electronics and up High balloon lift from the ocean floor.

Near South Carolina are now headed to the FBI lab in Quantico we learned a lot already from the bloom by surveilling it while it was flying over the country we're going to learn even more We Believe by getting a look at the guts inside it but U.S officials are warning we may not learn much more about the three likely harmless objects shot down.

Since Friday recovery efforts hampered by weather fizzling out but a hobby group called The Northern Illinois bottle cap balloon Brigade says their party style Pico balloon went missing in Alaska the same day a U.S fighter jet shot down an object there the founder of the balloon company that makes the balloons told Aviation week I tried.

Contacting our military and the FBI and just got the run around so the question now is if the U.S military used a four hundred thousand dollar missile to shoot down a balloon that costs about 12 bucks U.S officials say they haven't heard from any group yet that's missing their sky toys new procedures for how to identify and deal with future potential.

Threats will remain classified so adversaries don't take note also meaning Americans won't get the full picture either if they see something in the air should there be any concern that a missile is going to follow it again we're not going to rule anything out in or out in terms of how we're going to.

Treat with additional potential unidentified aircraft the White House is turning its attention back to Biden's agenda seizing on an op-ed by Republican senator Rick Scott pledging to protect Social Security and Medicare the president congratulates Senator Scott on joining the post State of the Union red wave as we have seen from Republicans.

Acknowledging that they are in fact been attempting to put Medicare and Social Security on the chomping block even though both sides now apparently agree on the need to protect senior entitlement programs the White House is still stoking the fight spokesperson Andrew Bates saying supporting the repeal of the inflation reduction act.

Senator Scott is pursuing the biggest Medicare Cuts in a generation at the White House Jackie Heinrich Fox News

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