McDonald’s USA pres. blasts California for striking ‘tainted politics over honest protection’


And now this the president of McDonald's USA is pushing back against California's proposal to hike the minimum wage for fast food workers to 22 dollars an hour in an open letter Joe erlinger writes whether you're a lawmaker a business owner or leader or an everyday voter one thing is clear California has become a dramatic case study of putting bad.

Politics over good policy he mints no words and neither does Steve Hilton he joins me now uh Steve I mean the the president of McDonald says this minimum wage hike would make it all but impossible to run a small business in the state of course of course I mean it's look I've run a restaurant not on the scale.

Of McDonald's I've worked at McDonald's my first job look the truth is McDonald's offers just as many um restaurants in that category a fantastic first job a way up the ladder for people and that's a great thing for our country what you do when you put in these absolutely absurd and unrealistic uh requirements is you just price people.

Out of jobs you're already seeing in McDonald's restaurants and others the rise of automation because it's cheaper this is just going to accelerate that not just at the serving counter but in the kitchen there's another point I'd want to make which is that California on top of this specific thing about the minimum wage passed a bill which.

Basically takes you to a kind of 1970s UK style socialist system where the government and the unions run the fast food sector together with the company and make decisions about hiring and not just wage rates that's actually the law that's just been in past now the companies are trying to overturn it through a referendum measure we'll see.

What happens but exactly as he said you have mad politics over sensible policy it's a great summary of what's going on in every area here in California we have a few more topics I want to get to them but quickly Steve does that mean in California that a fast food worker would make more than a teacher it depends on the on the exact place but.

It's not it's not impossible um and but what you have to remember though is that the teachers because of the Union donations to the Democrats have luxury pensions and health care so the total cost is going to be a lot higher social media companies might soon have to pay for causing damage to customers mental health Politico is.

Reporting Steve that uh that lawyers will file a complaint in California next month accusing the social media algorithms of contributing to anxiety contributing to depression um I know you don't have a phone it doesn't mean you're off social media though uh do you what are your feelings on this do you think this will happen if.

Anything will come out of this lawsuit look I mean it's it's a it's a classic way to try and shift the blame because in the end it's a personal responsibility that's how I see it I'm I'm exactly you said people can follow me on Twitter at Steve Hilton X and my views on this and many other subjects are there but I don't have a cell phone.

I'm not on it all day long if you realize that this is damaging to your mental health and I think it is I think that's real that's true but it's a bit Rich to blame the companies it's a personal responsibility and it's a parental responsibility we need to help parents do what they want to do which I think keep their kids off of this.

Damaging and toxic stuff especially things like Tick Tock are they going to be suing Tick Tock I'd like to see that well then let me ask you this I mean a lot of um drugs are sold on Snapchat and other social media sites um and there was a hearing this week that was discussed is anything ever.

Going to be done to a big Tech or social media company to make it safer for especially young people yeah but again I think that um that you can pursue them and I think that they respond and say look we're doing what we can I mean that is what you get when you have an open network but again the root cause of the problem is not necessarily.

Just the the marketplace as it were on the social media so the fact that you've got so many drugs pouring into the country because the Democrats won't control the border so you can't just blame everything on um on a few companies just like with McDonald's you can't blame just one company for the fact that actually we do have a problem.

Of low pay in this country but that is not the right way to address it I mean I think fast food workers are cheering right twenty two dollars an hour but but not when they lose their job right because the business can't afford them or it's much cheaper for them to buy a robot who doesn't call out sick and might actually work faster Steve Hilton.

Will be watching you on the next Revolution that's Sunday night at nine o'clock Eastern time on Fox News channel

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