McCarthy promises to proceed debt ceiling talks after Biden assembly | USA TODAY


What we talked about today wasabout moving forward and how we move through on a debt ceilingand how we get an agreement. I believe if we're ableto get to an agreement, we could have a fundingagreement for the next two years. You won't see Omnibus anymore, you'll see the Senate andthe House actually do thejob the American public has elected them to do, to walkthrough the appropriation process, which is the manner in which to do it, where the AM American public cansee where we're spending our money.

And I think there's a lot of savingswe can find for the American taxpayer. We had an hour conversation aboutthis that I thought was a very good discussion and we, we walked out saying we would continuethe discussion and I think there is an opportunity here to come to an agreementon both sides and I think that's the best for the, I think that's whatthe American people want. Look, they want us to be responsibleand sensible about this, and that's exactly theway we've handling it. I told the president I would like tosee if we can come to an agreement long.

Before the deadline and we canstart working on other things.

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3 thoughts on “McCarthy promises to proceed debt ceiling talks after Biden assembly | USA TODAY

  1. The meth addicts in the trailer parks of Bakersfield despatched McCarthy to congress. You better agonize – that’s who keep aside him there to gain shut what happens to the remainder of The US.

  2. The debt is attributable to the mega filthy rich stealing all of all people's cash and conserving it for themselves if they wish the debt of the nation to be paid for they better dig of their pockets.

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