May perchance maybe perchance TikTok be banned in the U.S. for proper?


Every time an American opens Tick Tock each of them might be handing over personal information like names email addresses even physical location it all forms a vast database on Americans inside a chinese-owned company and that has made tick tock the latest front in a deepening war of words with China the White House saying it needs to curb.

Foreign adversaries access to Americans data while China's foreign minister criticized the world's number one superpower for being afraid of a mobile phone application that young people like so much I'm 18 we're all 18. like let me share my information with China if I want to like I literally could care less federal employees have.

30 days to delete tick tock off all government devices the house Foreign Affairs committee is poised to give President Biden authority to essentially Outlaw it for all Americans already 41 states have some sort of ban in place or under consideration the ACLU says a ban would violate the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans experts say.

That in fact a national ban has little precedent here in the U.S but it's common in China China typically bans big Tech and social media companies uh from their citizens being able to access them ostensibly for some of the same privacy concerns and reasons last year a tick tock executive addressed concerns about personal data under no circumstances.

Would we give that data to China in a statement Tick Tock calls talk of a ban political theater and urged lawmakers not to censor millions of Americans but a rare bipartisan Coalition is nonetheless threatening to ban one of the most popular apps in the world Jake Ward NBC News New York thanks for watching our YouTube channel.

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3 thoughts on “May perchance maybe perchance TikTok be banned in the U.S. for proper?

  1. TIKTOK AND CHINA ARE AN IMMEDIATE THREAT!!! The unprecedented regime within the Chinese language authorities hates The usa and democracy and feels we now beget turned their formative years in opposition to them. So they created TikTok and are using it to poison the minds of kids, trolls are reaching out encouraging kids to cowl contact from their other folk, and pushing idolization of Nazi propaganda admire it's the next “rebellious frigid thing” and encouraging kids to disobey other folk and assorted authority figures with theory that nothing will happen to them because they are kids and glimpse what has been going on with the very young kids across The usa. Be warned other folk. It's already took residing to our minute one, and perhaps yours too when you happen to've been having loopy behavioral complications now not too lengthy ago.

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