Man makes an are trying to exit of doorways when wind relax is -106 degrees


If you're living in the Northeast and you hear the wind whipping around outside, you may think you live in one of the coldest spots in the storm. And it may be incredibly cold, but it is not Mount Washington in New Hampshire, cold. That's the highest peak in the Northeast.

Earlier, I spoke to someone who is there right now, right at the peak, Frances Terraza, which is a weather observer and education specialist at Mount Washington Observatory. Frances, thank you so much for doing this.

Can you just talk a little bit about where you are right now and what it's like outside where you are right now? Absolutely. So, of course, I'm on the summit of Mount Washington. And outside, briefly, our current condition.

Here that focuses. We've got wind right around 90 miles per hour. We've had a 130 mile per hour wind gusts in the last 9 minutes. It's really the cool story. There is the wind chill. 106 degrees below zero. What.

Yes. Wow. So obviously, you are not going outside Are we still are. However, we're we're nice and bundled up here on the summit. When we do. We do have to do our hourly observations,.

Of course. 24, seven, three 65 up here on the summit. It's a dumb question to ask. What does it feel like to be in -106 degrees Fahrenheit? But like, what does it feel like? So I did have a tiny sliver of my wrist exposed today,.

And it felt like a continuous big thing or like a continuous sort of severe sunburn, just reminding you, like, hey, it exposed. I shouldn't be. Do you know what? Like, how quickly would you get frostbite.

If you were very exposed out there in under a minute and these could. Wow, that's incredible. Do you ever are you ever tempted like, sometimes when I'm in the air, I'm on the air. Like, in the back of my mind, I'm tempted to just, like,.

Say something insane that would, like, derail my career. Are you ever tempted to just, like, run out naked in 100? -100. I think we joke about it. And don't do it just like I'm not going to do it. You shouldn't do it either.

So there are there predictions that you might be beat all records tonight for the coldest temperatures ever recorded, even as cold as I mean, what would what would the record be Sure. So the observatory is record.

Goes back to 1932 and that would be 47 degrees below zero. And so we're very close to that. We're actually 46 degrees below zero. I'll switch back to this story for my city. We're right here on the summit the 6288 feet mark. So we're about a degree away.

From doing that. And then the all time record is actually recorded by the US signal service back in 1885 that was 50 degrees below zero. So yeah, at this rate we may surpass that as well.

Wow, that's exciting. I know you're up there for like a week shift. How much, how much longer do you have in your shift? About four or five more days. So pretty much just getting started. Well,.

I mean, if you got to be there for a week, it's cool that you're the one there when the record might be broken. I understand there was a door that blew open earlier. Can you show it to me and tell us what happened? Sure.

So I can take you right into our hallway here on the store. It gets us into our tower, which goes another 60 feet or so above our heads. And, yeah, the store was the culprit was another love block where there's another. Can you still hear me there?.

Yeah, I hear you. Awesome. Great. So, yeah, this door had a steel pin like, you see here. It completely snapped off. We had a wind gusts around 127 miles per hour directly from the west.

And so the store flew open, and it took about three of us to close it back so that we could get this new latch. And for good measure, we have this by in place pretty much. The store is the only thing between me and the 10,100 degrees.

Below our windchills right now. So is that ice on the lock that I'm seeing there? That is, yes. I can kind of run my hand across it for you. Wow. Just right there. And I think that's what contributed to the door.

Feeling as well. The metal was just so brittle and worn out with the cold that even though that stairwell must be really cold. It is. So, yeah, it's cold enough to have snow on it several hours after.

And I want to share this window as well. But a bit of frost accumulating on there. Wow. That's really incredible. So, Frances, if you could start I know you're starting to put on some gear. You're going to. So what are you what are you going to do?.

You're going to go outside just to show us how windy it is, what it's like Yes. I had left will be able to see too much, but I think we'll be able to see the snow flying around it. Okay. All right. A cool.

Down all around. I'm going to step out into the Arctic So right now it's about 46 degrees below zero. You said you're not Yeah, of course. It's it's quite dark out, obviously. So typical. Pretty much, yeah.

I really appreciate it. So good talking to you. Yeah, definitely. And that's the opportunity. All right. Well, I wish you the best.

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