Major iciness storm taking aim at northern U.S.


A major winter storm is sweeping across the country this week meteorologist Alex Wallace from our partners at the weather channel has the forecast for us good day Alex well good day to you Lily and Lana we've got a big major winter system to track across the country from the Western tier to the east we're going to be dealing.

With this thing and look at the footprint that we find when it comes to the snow and some of the snow even the parts of the West it's not just going to be relegated to some of the higher elevations snow levels will be dropping in some areas there in the Northwest Northern California I mean some of the beaches could see some snow coating them.

Before it's all said and done otherwise we'll watch everything progress eastbound you can see there's going to be a Zone here of at least five inches showing up in the lightest shade of purple but a big Bullseye in southern Minnesota where we could be talking a foot and a half to two feet of snow and then it moves into the Northeast now.

Once again like we've seen most of this winter mostly in interior Northeast of snow that will find the 95 Corridor not much expected there from Boston heading southbound but look how this progresses we'll start to see some of the snow filling in from the Northern Plains Upper Midwest throughout this afternoon and then Wednesday things really crank.

Up not just having to do with the snow but wind as well well which could set the stage for some blizzard conditions travel is not going to be recommended here for us over the next several days across the Upper Midwest Great Lakes you'll see the snow ending the last and the longest in those areas and then there's also going to be a zone of ice.

Potentially crippling ice in some of these areas lower Michigan back into the Midwest so nasty storm over the next few days of course remember you can watch the Weather Channel on cable and now live on your favorite TV streaming device send it back to you all right Alex thanks so much

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