‘Liar!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Biden all the absolute top way thru speech


Some of my Republican friends want to take the economy hostage. I get it. Unless I agree to their economic plans. All of you at home should know what those plans are. Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans, some Republicans.

Want Medicare and Social Security sunset. I'm not saying it's a majority of let me give you. Anybody who doubts contact my office. I'll give you a copy. I'll give you a copy of the proposal. That means Congress doesn't vote or I'm glad to see.

And I tell you, I enjoy conversion You know, amazing. If Congress doesn't keep the programs the way they are, they'd go way other Republicans say. I'm not saying it's a majority of you. I don't even think it's even a significant what is being proposed by individuals.

I'm not politely not naming them, but as being proposed by some of you. Folks. The idea is that we're not going to be we're not going to be moved into being threatened to default on the debt if we don't respond. Both.

So folks, as we all apparently agree, Social Security, Medicare, is off of the books now and they're not going to strike. All right. Ready? We've got unanimity Social Security, Medicare,.

A lifeline for millions of seniors. Americans have to pay into them from the very first paycheck they've started. So tonight, let's all agree. I'm afraid we are a stand up for seniors Stand up and show them will not cut Social Security We will not cut Medicare.

Those benefits belong to the American people. They earned it. And if anyone tries to cut Social Security, which apparently no one's going to do and if anyone tries it from Medicare, I'll stop them. I'll veto it.

No, I'm not going to allow them to take away be taken away not today, not tomorrow, not ever. But apparently it's not going to be a problem. Next month. When I offer my fiscal plan, I ask my Republican friends.

To lay down their plan as well. Yes, I really mean it. Let's sit down together and discuss our mutual plans together. Let's do that. I can tell you the plan I'm going to show, you're going to cut the deficit by another $2 trillion.

And I won't cut a single bit of Medicare or Social Security. In fact, we're going to extend the Medicare trust fund at least two decades because that's going to be the next target. How do we make keep it solvent? Right. Well,.

We'll not raise taxes on anyone making under 400 grand, but we'll pay for it the way we talked about tonight by making sure that the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share. Look, look, look.

Here's the deal. They're just taking advantage of the tax code. They're taking advantage of the American consumer. Here's my message to all of you out there. I have your back. We're already preventing Americans.

Receiving surprise medical bills, stopping $1 billion surprise bills per month so far. For protecting seniors life savings by cracking down on nursing homes that commit fraud and danger patient safety, prescribed drugs that are not needed.

Millions of Americans can now save thousands of dollars because they can finally get a hearing aid over-the-counter without a prescription. Look, capitalism without competition is not capitalism. It's extortion.

It's exploitation. Last year, I cracked down on behalf of many of you on foreign shipping companies that were making you pay higher prices for every good coming into the country. I signed a bipartisan bill to cut shipping costs.

By 90%, helping American farmers, businessmen and consumers. Let's finish the job. Passed the bipartisan legislation to strengthen our strategy, strengthen antitrust enforcement and for banks, and prevent.

Big online platforms giving their own products an unfair advantage. My administration is also taking on junk fees those hidden surcharges to many companies use to make you pay more. For example, we're making airlines.

S how you the full ticket price upfront. Refund your money if your flight is canceled or delayed. We reduce exorbitant bank overdraft by saving consumers more than $1 billion a year for cutting credit card late fees by 75% from $30 to $8 Wolf, junk fees.

May not matter to the very wealthy, but they matter to most other folks in homes like the one I grew up in, like many of you did. They add up to hundreds of dollars a month. They make it harder for you to pay your bills.

Or afford that family trip. I know how unfair it feels when a company overcharges you to gets away with it. Not anymore. We've written a bill to stop it all. It's called the Junk Fee Prevention Act. If we're going to ban surprise resort fees that hotels charge are now on your bill.

Those fees can cost up to $90 a night in hotels that aren't even resorts with the idea that cable, internet and cell phone companies can charge you 200 or more. If you decide to switch to another provider,.

Give me a break. We can stop service fees on tickets to concerts and sporting events and make companies disclose all the fees upfront. And we'll prohibit airlines from charging $50 roundtrip for family.

Just to be able to sit together. Baggage fees are bad enough Airlines can't treat your child like a piece of baggage. Americans are tired of being poor, tired of being played for suckers. So past pass the Junk Fee Prevention Act. So companies stop ripping us off.

For too long, workers have been getting stiffed, but not anymore. We're beginning to restore the dignity of work. For example, I should have known this, but I didn't until two years ago. 30 million workers.

Have to sign non-compete agreements with the jobs they take. 30 million. So a cashier at a burger place can't walk across town and take the same job in another burger place and make a few bucks more. Just change.

But I just changed because we exposed it. That was part of the deal. Guys, look it up. But not anymore. Everybody knows agreements, so companies have to compete for workers and pay them what they're worth. And I must tell you, this is.

Bound to get a response from my friends on my left. But the right. I'm so sick and tired of companies breaking the law by preventing workers from organizing pass the Pro Act, because businesses that are right workers have a right to form a union.

Less guarantee all workers have a living wage. Let's make sure working parents can afford to raise a family with sick days, paid family medical leave, affordable child care, that's going to enable millions of more people to go and stay at work.

And let's restore the full child tax credit which gave tens of millions of parents some breathing room and cut child poverty in half to the lowest level in history. And by the way, when we do all these things, we increase productivity.

We increase economic growth. So let's finish the job and get more families access to affordable, quality housing. Let's get seniors who want to stay in their homes, the care they need to do so. Let's give more breathing room to millions of family caregivers.

Looking after their loved ones past my plan. So we get seniors and people with disabilities, the home care and services they need to support the workers who are doing God's work These plans are fully paid for, and we can afford to do them.

Restoring the dignity of work means making education an affordable ticket to the middle class. You know, when we made public education 12 years of a universal in the last century, we made the best educated, best paid. We became the best educated,.

Best paid nation in the world. The rest was caught up. It caught up. Joel, my wife, who teaches full time as an expression I hope I get it right, kid. Any nation of our educators is going to outcompete us. Any nation, outeducate,.

Can outcompete us. Folks, we all know 12 years of education is not enough to win the economic competition of 21st century You want to have the best educated workforce. Let's finish the job by providing access to free school for 34 year olds.

Studies show that children who go to preschool are nearly 50% more likely to finish high school and go on to a two or four year degree, no matter their background. That came from let's get public school. Teachers are raised

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